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Cash4Coins Currency Exchange Advice – How To Get The Best Currency Deals

At Cash4Coins we offer a currency exchange service that is second to none.  We also like to give you the lowdown on how to exchange currency and get the best deals when you go on holiday or take a business trip abroad.  With a holiday on the horizon, we’re often so excited that we forget to look out for the best deals when it comes to arranging currency exchange.

Forget The Bank And Airport Bureau De Change For Your Currency Exchange

If you usually use the bureau de change services at your local bank or your departure airport, you might be surprised to learn that these services will not give you the best deal.  Why?  Well, exchange rates fluctuate all day every day, but the banks and airports don’t give you access to the live exchange rate.  Instead, they give you access to the rate that was released in the morning and that rate stays the same for the entire day.  Online foreign exchange brokers on the other hand, give you access to exchange rates that are as close as possible to the Interbank live rate.  This is the rate that the banks pay for the currency they buy and it is much more competitive.

Why 0% Commission Is A Myth

Those 0% commission deals you see advertising on the high street are actually not as good a deal as you might first thing.  The companies offering 0% commission for currency exchange need to make a profit somewhere and they do this by offering you an exchange rate that is lower than the rate they purchased the currency for originally.  That is why it is best to consider the exchange rate you are actually getting rather than being blinded by these 0% fee deals.

Compare The Market For All Currency Exchange Transactions

In the same way that you can compare the market for physical goods, you can now do the same for services and currency exchange services are no exception.  Whether you are exchanging Sterling for US Dollars or US Dollars for Euros, this is a great way to find the best deals online.  At Cash4Coins we understand the way the currency exchange market works.  After all, we deal with foreign currency every day.  As a result, we know how doing a little research to find the best rate could mean you are quids or Euros in if you find a good deal.

And Remember Cash4Coins When You Want To Exchange Your Leftover Currency

If you return from your trip with lots of leftover currency, don’t forget that Cash4Coins can help.  We can transfer any foreign currency into Sterling or another currency of your choice and you don’t even need to sort or count it.  Our service is quick and easy and we have many satisfied customers that have used our services to arrange a foreign currency exchange. That leftover currency would only sit around gathering dust once your holiday becomes a distant memory.  Why not turn them into something worthwhile by using our foreign currency exchange service.  We would be delighted to exhange your leftover currency for you.

Fundraising For Remembrance Day – Help Our Heroes With A Foreign Coin Donation

Fundraising with a foreign coin donation for remembrance day can be a great way to help our heroes and their families.  Every year, the nation expresses its support and gratitude for all the work the Royal British Legion carries out through its famous Poppy Appeal.  Wearing your poppy with pride is a great way of showing support whilst giving a little towards this fantastic cause.  But did you know there is another way to show your support and appreciation to our service men and women?

By making a foreign coin donation to the British Legion, you could be helping Armed Forces families, veterans or those currency in active service. And the good news is that we can handle everything for you. Whether you have lots of Euros tucked away, you have old British currency that is no longer legal tender or you have lots of low denomination bank notes, we can help you to make a donation to the Royal British Legion.  At Cash4Coins we help a range of different charities every year and we would be delighted to help you to make a difference to thousands of men and women around the world through the Royal British Legion.

Your Foreign Coin Donation Could Help So Many Armed Forces Families

 The Poppy Appeal this year is focused especially on Armed Forces families whether they are the families of active service personnel or retired personnel.  By donating your foreign coins and wearing your poppy with pride, you could be helping to support mothers, children, fathers and also those who have lost members of their family in active service. 

It’s so easy to donate to this worthwhile cause.  You don’t even need to count or sort your coins as we do the hard work for you.  Simply fill in our currency donation form and enter the Royal British Legion as your preferred charity.  Then just include this form in with your coins and we’ll make sure they receive your generous donation.  Why not club together with friends and family to make your foreign coin donation go even further?  It’s amazing how many foreign coins can be hiding around the home and how much they can be worth.

Why A Foreign Coin Donation Can Make Such A Difference

Every year, Cash4Coins donates thousands to charities across the UK and around the world thanks to the generosity of our fabulous customers. We can also help charities directly and can set up a dedicated charity page that will ensure donations always get to the right place.  Arranging a foreign coin donation is so simple and we would be delighted to help you with the process.  We even have a dedicated fundraising team on hand to help you.

Remembrance Day is one day that we remember every year, but you can donate to the Royal British Legion all year round thanks to the Cash4Coins service. We are reliable, quick and have expert knowledge of the currency exchange system. We can also give you professional advice on how you make the most of your leftover currency.


Making Money For Christmas – Exchanging Foreign Coins And Other Ideas

There are only 9 weeks to go until Christmas.  Sorry, we had to mention it!  Are you ready?  Are you one of those super organised people with mince pies already stockpiled and presents already wrapped? Or are you more likely to be racing around on Christmas Eve looking for last minute gifts?  And how is your money situation?  How are you going to afford Christmas this year?  Well, you could get a little help by exchanging foreign coins.

You might be surprised how much those old discarded and dusty coins could be worth.  Many of our very happy customers  are often shocked when we give them their valuation. They had no idea that their leftover currency could become such a windfall. Exchanging foreign coins is just one way to make money this Christmas and Cash4Coins is the place to do it.

Start A Christmas Club

Okay, well it might be a little late to start or join a Christmas club now, but why not get a head start on Christmas 2014?  Did you know that by putting away just £5 a week you could have enough to cover presents, Christmas dinner and a few festive nights out.  By cutting back on a couple of coffees during the week, taking a little overtime or cashing in your coins with Cash4Coins, you could be quids in next Christmas.

Get Down The Car Booty!

Every Sunday, in the early hours of the morning, thousands of people collect together old clothes, ornaments, second hand toys and other bits and pieces ready to make a killing at car boot sales up and down the country.  As the saying goes “one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure” and that saying is very true when it comes to the traditional car boot sale. You’ll be amazed how much the things you have no use more any more can make in time for Christmas. That early morning alarm call will certainly be worth it!

Exchanging Foreign Coins With Cash4Coins

We mean it when we say we change any foreign currency. Whether you have a fistful of dollars or a handful of French francs, we will be delighted to count and sort them for you.  We will then send you a valuation to consider at your leisure.  Think about what a few pounds could do to make Christmas easier. And if you are planning a foreign holiday, we can change your coins and banknotes into the currency of your choice.  It’s easy to send us your coins and our team is ready to accept them right now. 

Hold A Commission-Based Party

There are many companies offering hostess gifts simply for holding a party at your home. These parties involve selling the company’s products to your friends and family and making commission from the sales you make.  Whilst cash isn’t usually one of the incentives on offer, you might be able to use your commission points to put towards gifts for loved ones.  Pampered Chef, Ann Summers and Avon are just some of the companies offering excellent commission incentives right now.

With Christmas just around the corner, it makes sense to start thinking about raising that extra cash now.  Cash4Coins is a great method of exchanging foreign coins and we can get the money into your bank account very quickly.  Speak to our friendly team today to find out how you can have a festive season full of cheer and less financial worry!




The Great Coin Exchange For Children In Need

Did you know that a foreign coin exchange could be a great way to raise money for Children In Need this year?  At Cash4Coins we offer a coin exchange service that can turn donated foreign coins into Sterling you can use to put towards this great cause.

How To Get Started With Your Foreign Coin Fundraising

You’d be surprised how many people have foreign coins hanging around at home. These are often leftover from business trips abroad and foreign holidays and they end up being stuffed into drawers or put in jars.  Unfortunately, the banks will not help you to exchange these into Sterling, even if the proceeds are for charity.  It is not logistically viable for the banks to change coins and repatriate them back to their country of origin, but we can help!

We have helped many charities to make use of the millions of foreign coins that are gathering dust around the world and we can do the same for you.  We can turn Euros into Sterling, US Dollars into Sterling and in fact, practically any currency you send us into…Sterling!  That’s money we deposit into the bank for you to donate to Children In Need.

A simple collection tin decorated with flags of the world or bank notes of the world is a great way to encourage donations. Most people only have to look in a drawer or jar at home to find coins for you.  And these can mount up very quickly.

Coin Exchange Fundraising Ideas For Schools

If you are a school looking for some great fundraising ideas for Children In Need, we can help.  Why not ask your pupils to ask their parents for foreign coin donations and then set a homework task that gets them thinking about foreign coins and they many different kinds available.  This is a great way to teach children about other cultures and the money used in other countries.  For older kids, why not give them a little lesson in foreign currency exchange!

The Easiest And Quickest Way To Raise Funds

At Cash4Coins we give you a very convenient method of changing those collected foreign coins into cash.  And if you collect over 10Kg we will send our secure courier to come and pick them up from you free of charge.  We don’t even ask you to count or sort your coins as we do that for you.  It really couldn’t be easier.

Our fundraising team is also on hand to give you advice on coin exchange fundraising ideas and how to make it a record breaking Children In Need year this year.  So, if you are joining Pudsey and the gang to raise much needed cash for this worthwhile cause, don’t forget that Cash4Coins can help you.

It’s easy to send us your coins and we will have a valuation ready for you as quickly as possible. We have helped many charities, schools and hospitals to find different avenues for fundraising and our coin exchange service has proved very popular.  In the meantime we wish you lots of Children In Need fun this year and look forward to receiving your coins.

Change Foreign Coins And Notes – Fast Assistance For Charities

If you’re a charity struggling to change foreign coins and notes that have been generously donated, you’re not alone!  We speak to charities on a regular basis that would dearly love to get the most from generous foreign currency donations but who often face problems when it comes to exchanging foreign currency.  The good news is that we help charities and fundraising organisations every day with this problem. We mean it when we say we will exchange ANY currency. Whether you’re up to your eyes in Euro coins or you have a stash of Turkish Lira, we’d be only to happy to exchange it for you.

We change foreign coins and notes and we love to say YES!

Don’t take change foreign coins and notes to your bank.  The chances are they will refuse anyway.  We offer quick and friendly service and you only have to look at our testimonials to see what our customers are saying about us. Every penny counts when it comes to charitable donations and we have helped many organisations to get so much more out of their charity and fundraising events.

Make us your number one foreign coin exchange service

Cash 4 Coins has an excellent track record when it comes to customer service and advice. We’d be delighted to tell you more about what we can do for you and your charity. We think that once you have used our service for the first time, you will make us your ‘go to’ currency exchange service for all future exchanges.  Just think about those unused coins and notes that you could exchange and how this cash could benefit your charity. This is money that we can turn into Sterling for you or indeed any currency you need.

But wait..that’s not all

If you have coins that exceed a certain weight we will even come and collect them from you. We know you’re running a busy charity and that very often your time is offered on a voluntary basis.  Let us lighten the load quite literally by taking your coins off of your hands and transforming them into money you can use. New equipment, new tools or a day out – these are just some of the great things our customers have spent their exchanged currency on. Our service is quick and we can send the money to any account of your choice.

We bring you the best rates online

We work hard to give you the best service and we also want you to get the best value from our service. That’s why we bring you the best exchange rates and expert service.  We’ll also give you advice on how to get your coins to us and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way during the exchange process.  The great thing about our service is that our charity customers can now accept donations in any currency – that gives you access to more donations and more much needed cash.

So whether you need to change foreign coins and notes in one currency or you have a nice collection of mixed coins you need exchanged, we will always be delighted to assist!


Exchange Turkish Lira for Cash

Exchange Turkish lira for cash at the best rates in the UK – guaranteed

If you’ve tried to exchange Turkish lira coins and notes at your bank or bureau de change, you’ll already know that you can’t. So you may be wondering what to do with them? Did you know that Cash4Coins will exchange Turkish lira – including coins and notes – at the best rates in the UK, with customer satisfaction 100% guaranteed?

Whether it’s a pocket-full or a safe-full, from a holiday, business trip or fund-raiser, we promise the same level of service and value to every single customer. Our system is streamlined to offer payment within 14 days, with an exchange rate guaranteed to match the best in the UK.

All you have to do is send us your coins (or let us pick them up) and give us a little time to process and count them. We’ll send you a valuation offer, which if accepted results in instant payment.

No fuss, and no small print. Just cash you can spend, save or donate in exchange for your Turkish lira coins or notes.

And if you don’t like or agree with our valuation, we’ll return your currency to you in full at our own expense.

Trusted by thousands each year to deliver unbeatable value

Finding an exchange partner you can trust isn’t always as easy as it should be, and the internet being what it is, will always attract a small number of cowboys who want to rip you off.

Which is why we’ve worked hard to build a strong reputation for excellent customer service right across the board. Our long list of satisfied customers spans the whole country, taking in large and small businesses, charities, schools, hospitals, individuals and more.

As a result, we regularly receive great feedback on our service, which we publish on this site to show you that your money is in safe hands when you choose Cash4Coins.

We take our customer satisfaction guarantee seriously, so whether you have a large or small transaction to make, we’re perfectly placed to offer the best value in the UK when you exchange Turkish lira.

Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back

Once an individual or company becomes our customer, they tend to keep coming back. Why? Because we’re serious about being the best when it comes to service, speed, and value when you exchange Turkish lira or any other foreign currency.

It’s easy to get your coins to us, and we’ve created three easy ways to get the ball rolling:

  • If your collection weighs more than 5Kg, we’ll collect it free of charge
  • For collections under 5Kg, you can use one of our 4,500 authorised and completely secure drop-off locations. Your currency will be logged, and sent to our main offices by secure courier for counting and processing.
  • For small collections under 750g, you can send direct to us by Royal Mail recorded delivery, complete with tracking number.

When your coins and notes have been received and counted, we’ll send you an offer. Accept, and we pay instantly. Or if you’re not happy with our valuation, we simply return your collection to you in full at our own cost.

Send your coins to us now

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