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Easy Way To Change Euro Coins

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Fast and easy way to exchange euro coins from the UKs No1

If you’re looking for an easy way to change Euro coins and unwanted foreign currency, then Cash4Coins can help. We have a team of fully trained staff who are always on hand to answer all of your questions and assist you with any ideas you may have for raising funds for charities, organisations or just cashing in your holiday money!

Many people will find lots of unwanted foreign currency and out of date currency lying around the house and are perhaps unsure of what to do with it. Most banks will not exchange the loose change due to the high costs they incur in doing so. That can be a bit of a shock when you have spent time counting and sorting your coins only to be told by the bank teller that your money is no good there!

The good news is that Cash4Coins will be very happy to exchange your Euro coins for you. We can exchange any currency into Sterling for you or indeed into any other currency of your choice. We offer preferential rates and if you send us your coins today you could have money in your bank account or PayPal account before you know it!

Our procedure is very straight forward and really is the easy way to change Euro coins and loose foreign change. Once you have collected together your unwanted coins you simply send them to us at Cash4Coins where they will be counted and recounted to ensure you receive maximum value for them. We will then send you an offer and once you accept the offer we have a very fast and efficient payment method, which can either be paid via BAC’s Paypal or Cheque.

What’s more if you are not entirely satisfied with the offer we make we will return the coins at no cost to yourself.

What coins we accept:

All foreign coins and notes
All Euro coins and notes
Pre-Euro coins and notes
Old Irish coins
Old British coins
Pre-decimal coins

To see what our customers say about us then go to our comments page. And if you’d like to send us coins today then go to our ‘How to send us coins‘ page.  We have helped countless people in the UK and abroad to make use of their once useless coins. Whether you are in the US and stuck with lots of British currency or you need an easy way to change Euro coins after a European trip, our team is always happy to assist.

So if you are looking for an easy way to change Euro coins contact us today and let us help you change your unwanted coins into cash.  We make the process so easy and you can drop your coins off at many of our local outlets. We give you the service that the banks won’t and our team is standing by now to accept, sort and count your coins for you today.  Don’t let those coins go to waste when you could have the money in your bank account.