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Exchange Your Old Foreign Notes Today

Posted on: July 11th, 2017 by Ian Stormnet

Out of circulation? No problem! We can help you exchange them before it’s to late.

As the excitement for the next £5 note and £1 coin calms down, we look at when they are discontinued and what you can do to keep those penny’s safe so you can still get your money’s worth. As well as this, we will let you know what exactly is old but still exchangeable for now, so you still have time to get your soon to be expired coins and notes into us.

UK £5 Notes

As you’re probably aware, the change-over in fiver’s from paper to plastic saw the UK going into meltdown… Literally. The so-called indestructible plastic note that saw people trying to tear, melt and even use them to play through a vinyl player! However, you may not be aware that the old beloved fiver note has now been discontinued. Do not fear, we are still happy to exchange these for you!

Cypriot Pounds

Now, you may be less familiar with the news that the Cypriot pounds will no longer be accepted after 31st December 2017. If you have holidayed abroad to the beautiful country of Cyrpus in the last 9 years, you may be aware that the Cypriot Pound was swapped for the Euro in 2008. Now, if you happen to find a few of these lying around in old suitcase, under the sofa or in the ‘junk’ drawer then please don’t forget to contact us before December 31st!


Spanish Pesetas

Whilst this one is a little less urgent, it is still crucial you get your left over Spanish Pesetas before December 31st 2020 (that gives you 2 and a half years of rummaging!) The Spanish Peseta has changed considerably over the years with a changeover in the 1980’s from old chunky notes, to notes that were designed around a modern era and had features such as the security thread and florescent fibres, as well as the large engraved images of history figureheads. However, these were changed again in the early 90’s, introducing American figureheads on to their currency as well as Spanish, to celebrate the fifth centenary anniversary of the discovery of ‘modern’ American. These notes included even more security features, including that of the advanced lithographic ink. This ink helps to detect fraud when an ultraviolet light is placed over them. They even had a feature added that helped people with impaired vision to distinguish the notes through embossed marks. These advanced notes then paved way for the new Euro notes that were introduced into Spain in 2002.


Using this as a gentle reminder, get searching and collecting those unused, unwanted coins and notes and send them over to us whilst you still have time! If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us at Cash4Coins so we can help you get the most out of your exchange.

UK Households Unearth More Than £3.79 Billion in Lost Change & Foreign Currency Each Year

Posted on: July 6th, 2017 by Ian Stormnet

A UK study has revealed that the average British home harbours more than £140 in “lost” UK sterling and foreign change. The sides of the sofa, clothing pockets and the back of drawers are the most likely areas to uncover forgotten cash. 


New research has found that Britons have three different types of foreign currency at home from previous trips abroad at any one time. Euros, US Dollars and Turkish Lira were revealed as the most common kinds of international notes and coins unknowingly hidden in the average UK property. 

The team at polled 2,948 British adults aged 18 and over as part of the study into hidden finances of the average UK home. Participants polled were spread evenly across each of the UK regions, with all those taking part currently renting or owning their own property. 

Firstly, all respondents were asked how often they found loose change (UK or foreign notes and coins) in unexpected areas of their home, with the vast majority (93%) admitting that this happened to them on weekly basis. When these individuals were then asked to estimate how much was found during each discovery, the average amount emerged as £2.70, equating to £140.40 over the course of a year. Taking into account the total number of households within the UK (27.1 million*) this would equate to £3.79 billion found across the entirety of British homes each year. 

Everyone taking part was then given an extensive list of possible answers and asked to state the areas that they’d previously uncovered forgotten change (coins and/or notes) in their homes, with the five most common answers emerging as follows: 

1.       Down the side of a sofa/under cushions – 72%

2.       Inside clothes pockets – 64%

3.       At the back of drawers – 49%

4.       Under the bed – 22%

5.       Inside pots and/or ornaments (e.g. vases) – 16%

Participants were given the option of ‘other’ in order to add in some of the more unusual locations they’d found hidden change in their homes. From this, researchers uncovered that a total of nine participants had found loose change hidden in a pet’s bed, while seven respondents managed to retrieve money that had been dropped into their toilet bowl. 

When asked if foreign currency from travelling abroad had been amongst the loose change found around their home within the last year, more than three quarters of respondents (77%) admitted that it had been. Of these, the majority (84%) stated that they’d forgotten they had the currency following their return from foreign trips, as there wasn’t enough to convert back into UK sterling. The most common foreign currencies unearthed in UK homes emerged as Euros (78%), US Dollars (23%) and Turkish Lira (19%).

Kirsty O’Sullivan, spokesperson for, said:

“Finding a little unexpected treasure at the bottom of your sock drawer or down the side of your sofa can be a thrill – depending on how much you discover.” 

And with that, we encourage you to have a rummage behind your sofas, under the bed and definitely under where ‘X’ marks the spot in your garden (who knew that was there?). And if you happen to come across those coins that you have no use for, then why not give us a call, so we can help you shift that unwanted currency!

Change Coins

Posted on: August 6th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Change coins for cash today…

Cash4Coins provide a way for you to exchange foreign coins into Sterling – and the process is fast, simple and secure. Every year we help lots of people change coins back into spendable British pounds which can’t be done at any UK bank.  You might think that your bank would be the first place you can find help with your coins, but unfortunately they do not provide this service.

This is because of the huge logistical operation involved in sorting, counting and then shipping relatively high weight (but low value) metal back to the country of origin.

However, the great news is that here at Cash 4 Coins we will change coins for you! All you have to do is package and post us your leftover foreign coins and we’ll then sort and count them. Once this is completed we then e-mail you a valuation offer – if you accept our offer then we’ll send you payment directly to your bank! It’s really that simple….

And what’s even better is that if you don’t accept our offer then we’ll return your coins at our expense – so there is nothing to lose. (This is our 100% satisfaction guarantee).

Above certain weights we’ll even collect your foreign coins for FREE – please go to ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details.  It really is easy to send your coins to us and we can change coins from any country. Once we receive your coins we will go about counting and sorting these for you – it’s all part of the service and saves you lots of time and effort.  We will then send you our best valuation for you to consider at your leisure. If you are happy with our valuation we will arrange for your coins to be exchanged and send you the Sterling by BACs transfer to your nominated bank account. And if you are not happy with the valuation, no problem!  We will simply send you back your coins totally free of charge!

Collecting foreign coins is also a great way to raise money for your favourite charity, local school or club. Why not get together with friends or colleagues and organise a collection – we’ll change coins for you. We are also the trusted partner for businesses who are looking to change foreign coins that they accept either deliberately or inadvertently. This can include local authorities, museums, attractions, theme parks, airports, airlines, ferry and port operators as well as shops and restaurants – Contact us to today to change coins into cash!

If you’d like to discuss any aspect of how to exchange foreign coins, or would like any hints and tips on the best way to organise a collection for charity then we are here to help you.  At Cash4Coins we have been offering our customers expert help when it comes to needing to change coins and we would be delighted to extend our help to you.  If you have any questions about our service please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.

Change Old Irish Coins

Posted on: August 4th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Exchange old Irish coins for Sterling today!

Collecting old Irish coins is a hobby for some people, but many people would rather skip the hobby and change old Irish coins to receive the cash! You cannot change old Irish coins at a bank even though they once had value. Cash4Coins specialises in sorting your old Irish coins, evaluating the value and turning your unwanted coins and notes into cash.

Many people have containers full of old pre-decimal coins that can no longer be used for purchases. People are often surprised to learn how easy it can be to change old Irish coins into usable sterling. So why not change your old Irish coins into cash today instead of letting it go to waste?  Many of our customers are surprised at just how much one coin jar can contain and we have had many comments of gratitude from them telling us just what they have spent their money on.  You could have old Irish coins from years ago that you thought were worthless, but the good news is that Cash4Coins can make use of them and give you a good price for them too!

It takes time to count, sort and value old coins and this is not a job for everybody. Many coin dealers do not offer these services to people that want to exchange old Irish coins. Cash4Coins makes it effortless to change coins from any country. Your leftover coins can take on a new life again by exchanging them for cash. All coins that are sent in are processed and a value is emailed for your acceptance. You are under no obligation to accept our valuation and if you decide that you don’t want to sell, we will simply send back your coins totally FREE of charge. You can’t say fairer than that!

If you accept the offer to change old Irish coins, the money will be deposited into your bank account. This fast and accurate service takes the guesswork out of the potential value of old coins and produces funds that can be used immediately.

Even old 50 pence pieces from the UK or Ireland will be exchanged. £5 coins, £2 coins, 20 pence coins, 10 pence coins, two shilling coins, 5 pence coins, 1 shilling coins, in fact all old Irish or UK coins and notes can be exchanged.  We change old Irish coins and we change old British coins as well as many other currencies.  Why not have a hunt around the house to see what treasures you have locked away.  That old jar of coins that you thought was totally worthless may take on a new appeal thanks to our service.

At Cash4Coins we offer a service that your bank cannot. Banks won’t consider changing old Irish coins so it makes perfect sense to come to us instead.  Our customers return to us time and time again before we offer great rates and excellent service.

If you have over 5kg of coins then we’ll even collect for FREE. See our page ‘How to send us coins‘ for more info.

Change Old British Coins

Posted on: August 4th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Exchange old British and pre decimal coins for cash!

Like many people you may have in your change drawer a few of the old British coins and notes – even some of the old pre-decimal coins and notes. If you have then did you know that you can now exchange this old currency with the new service from Cash4Coins.  That means those old coins you thought were worthless have now got a new lease of life!

We change old British coins into sterling so you can now get some value from your old coins and notes that you may have going to waste lying about the house. These can be old 50 pence 5, 10 2 or 1 pence pieces – in fact we’ll exchange any old British coins regardless of the denomination age or size.

Why not check around your home now to see how many coins you have.  Many of our customers found jars of coins around their homes where they had simply forgotten to get them changed up before the cut off point.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a little extra money to treat yourself with. You’ll also gain a new jar too once it’s empty!  And the best bit is that you don’t even have to count out your coins. Our helpful and friendly team take your coins, count and recount them and then send you a valuation.

To change old British coins is very easy – all you have to do is securely package up your coins and post them to us. (for weights over 5kg we will collect for FREE). We then sort and count the old British coins and send you a valuation offer. If you accept the offer then we pay you directly into your bank account – it’s really that simple.

And the great news is that if you don’t accept our offer then we’ll return your coins at our expense. To send us coins please go to our page ‘How to send us coins‘.

We’d be only too happy to help you change old British coins into cash today!

Here are a list of some of the coins and notes we accept:

Old 50 pence
£5 coins (Many banks won’t take them)
£2 coins
£1 Notes
£5 and £10 notes
Old 10p coins
Old 20p coins
Old 5p coins
1 Shilling coins
2 Shilling coins


We can also accept old decimal coins such as

old 50p coins
old 20p coins
old 10p coins
old 5p coins
£5 coins
£2 coins
2 shilling coins
shilling coins
1/2p coins (half pence)


So, what are you waiting for?  If you would like to send us coins please go to the page ‘How to send us coins‘. If you have any questions or would like some FREE help and advice then we’d be only too please to help you.  At Cash4Coins we make it easier than ever to change old British coins into Sterling you can use today.  A night out, some new shoes or even a holiday if you have enough – you can do whatever you like with your cash!

Who Will Change Euro Coins?

Posted on: August 1st, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Who will change Euro coins into cash…?

Maybe you are wondering who will change euro coins, out of date currency and leftover foreign coins that many of us find cluttering the drawers and pots in our homes following holidays and forgotten trips abroad.  These are the coins that are pretty much useless in the UK, but which could be exchanged for Sterling if you know where to look.  The problem is that banks will not change coins for you or if they do they will charge you a hefty sum of money.  Wouldn’t it be better to find a service you can use time and time again and which gives you a great exchange deal for the right price?

So who will change euro coins and unwanted currency? In a nutshell… we will!!

Cash4Coins offer a service to exchange foreign coins that is favoured by the likes of charities, hospitals, banks, schools, clubs and private individuals. It is fast efficient and we are always on hand to assist you with fundraising ideas or just offer help and advise on how to exchange foreign coins. What’s more our process couldn’t be simpler. Once you have collected together your leftover coins you simply send them to our address, where they will then be counted and sorted before we make you an offer.

Once you accept Cash4Coins offer you will receive prompt payment either via BAC’s straight to your bank account, Paypal or if you prefer Cheque. If for some reason you are not completely happy with the offer we make you we will also return the coins to you at no cost – so there really is nothing to lose. This is our 100% satisfaction guarantee. It really could not be easier and we have helped many people across the country to enjoy their old foreign coins.  Just imagine what that extra money could do for you.  A night out, some new clothes or simply helping with the bills – these are all things our customers have used their money for and you could do the same.

We even offer FREE collection over certain weights as well as a drop off service with almost 5000 drop off points across the UK – so getting your coins to us is very easy and convenient. You can see more info on ‘How to send us coins‘ page. You don’t even need to sort and count your coins as we will do the hard work for you.  It’s the easier way to exchange foreign currency and should answer the question of who will change euro coins for you!

If you’re one of the many people who have been wondering who will change euro coins then wonder no more as Cash4Coins can help. If you’d like to see what our customers say then take a look at our comments page. If you’d like to send us coins today then please go to our page ‘how to send us coins‘.  We promise quick service and you could have your money in your bank account in a matter of days.  It really is that simple, so what are you waiting for?

Where Can I Change Euro Coins?

Posted on: August 1st, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Where can I change Euro coins? – Official Guide

You probably have loads of loose foreign currency and maybe even out of date coins lying around your house just cluttering drawers and change jars. So maybe you’re asking yourself where can I change euro coins and leftover currency?  The bad news is that your bank is probably not going to assist you in changing your Euro coins back into Sterling. Unfortunately, they are not obligated to change your foreign currency back into Sterling.  The good news is that Cash4Coins can help and we are ready to help you now.

At Cash4Coins we provide a service to help you convert out of date and any foreign currency into cash that the banks will not exchange due to the high costs they incur in repatriating the money. Our team of experts are always on hand assist you with ideas for fundraising or any help you may need with exchanging your coins – even if you’re just looking to cash in your holiday money. So if your wondering where can I change euro coins and foreign currency, we can help.

Cash4Coins are the UK’s trusted brand where exchanging coins is concerned and it really is a very simple process. Once you have gathered all of your coins together, all you need do is send them to us, we will then count the currency and sort it to make sure you gain maximum value from it. We will then send you an offer, and once you accept you will receive prompt payment (usually in under 1 hour). In the unlikely event, you are not happy with the offer we make we will return the coins at no cost to yourself – that’s our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you want to see just how good our service is then take a peek at our customer comments. And if you’re ready to send coins right away then please go to our page will full instruction at ‘How to send us coins‘.

If you are one of the many people wondering where can I change euro coins and my leftover currency, contact us today to turn it into cash – we just love to help!  Whether you are a charity or a member of the public looking to change back holiday money, our track record really does make us the number one choice when you’re wondering how can I change Euro coins.  More and more charities are using our services because they want to find different ways to raise cash.  With so many foreign coins sitting unused around the country, it makes sense for them to ask for foreign coin donations and for us to change the currency for them.

Don’t delay – send your Euro coins to us today for a quick and fair valuation.  Remember, you don’t even need to spend the time counting or sorting through your coins and we take all denominations.  We can also exchange your Euro notes if you are lucky enough to have saved any of those from your last trip away.

How do I Change Euro Coins?

Posted on: August 1st, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

How do I change Euro Coins…?  Simple answer – with us!

If you’re wondering how do I change Euro coins and loose foreign currency then Cash4Coins can help you. You may have found that the high street banks will not exchange your currency due to the massive costs they incur in repatriating the money. Which is why here at Cash4Coins we have developed a system to do exactly that.

Most of us have some currency lying around the house, usually just cluttering drawers or change jars and so you may be thinking to yourself so how do I change Euro coins and all my useless other foreign coins.  You might think about sorting, counting and bagging up your coins to take them to the bank, but the problem is that the bank won’t exchange them for you.  They are only obligated to exchange Sterling for other denominations or foreign currency.  And if they do exchange these coins for you, they are likely to charge you through the nose.

But there is another way…

Cash4Coins will accept all currency including out of date British and Irish currency. The process is very simply, once you have collected your coins together you need to send them to us. Our team will then count and sort the money to ensure you gain the maximum value for it. We then make you an offer and once you accept you will receive a prompt payment from us via either BACs, Paypal or by Cheque, it’s your choice. If in the unlikely event you are not entirely happy with the offer we make you, we will return the coins to you free of charge, so there really is nothing to loose.

We are the trusted foreign coin exchange service in the UK and are used by banks, hospitals, schools, individuals and companies to quickly and reliably exchange foreign coins and notes. We don’t even ask that you sort or count your coins as we do that for you. We want you to be absolutely delighted with our service and so we try to make changing your Euro coins as easy as we possibly can.  And quick too!

So if you are thinking to yourself how do I change Euro coins then contact us for more information on how you can get the most from your leftover foreign currency. We’d love to help you.. We have years of experience in helping our customers change their foreign currency and we are standing by right now to help.  Changing euro coins was never so easy and we can also help you with other currencies such as dollars or Turkish Lira.  Just take a look at our website or blog to find out more about the currency that we exchange and the service we have to offer.

If you’d like to send in any coins then you can see how to do this on our page ‘How to send us coins‘. You can also join in the conversation on our Facebook page.

Change Euro Coins

Posted on: August 1st, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Change Euro coins into £GBP

There are literally thousands of people who have unused and unwanted foreign coins and notes lying around the house or office that are going to waste. This money could be being used but for the fact that UK banks will not exchange foreign coins into Sterling because of the huge cost involved in sorting, counting and shipping the coinage back to the country of origin.

Well, where the banks won’t help, Cash4Coins will.  We believe that everybody in the UK should have the ability and right to turn their useless foreign currency into money they can use.  If you are looking to change your euro coins into GBP, we can help and we have been helping customers for years in fact.  You may have already tried your bank or building society with no luck and been told that no service will exchange your Euro coins into pounds.

However, at Cash4Coins we change Euro coins back into GBP – turning your leftover foreign currency back into spendable cash! All you have to do is simply package up your currency (for quantities over 5KG then call us as we will collect) and send to us.

We then check each coin and will provide you with a valuation for your consignment. If you are happy with this then we’ll then send you payment. And in the event that you don’t accept our offer then we’ll return your coins at our expense. So why not change euro coins today with Cash4Coins? You don’t have to sort or count your coins.  Simply send them to us and we will do the rest.  We have helped countless customers to enjoy their money and we could do the same for you.

Many of our customers will get together with friends or colleagues and organise a charity collection and then donate the proceeds to their local charity, school or club – it’s a great way to quickly raise money. And for businesses it’s a great way to help monetise cashflow – especially if you receive a lot of Euro coins.  For example, many of our customers are airlines looking to exchange their foreign coin collections into pounds that their chosen charities can use easily. It’s a great way for us to help and a great way for airline passengers to put a little something back.

We are the trusted foreign coin exchange in the UK and our customers will agree. You can check out what people are saying about us on our customer comments page or join in the conversation on Facebook. Whatever you decide, we’d be only too pleased to help you.

So, to change Euro coins simply contact us here at (Tel: 0161 635 0000) or if you want to send us your coins then go to our page: How to send us coins.  We make the process so quick and simple that you’ll use us whenever you have leftover currency.  Don’t try to spend your surplus Euros on tacky items in Duty Free.  Change your euro coins using the convenient Cash4Coins service.