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Foreign Coin History

Posted on: August 25th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Foreign coin history

Foreign coin history is an interesting subject as they were the earliest form of money and have survived the test of time to be still used today. Despite credit and debit cards accounting for a huge amount of transactions (especially online) the humble coin still plays an important part in our day-to-day monetary system.

In the Western World it’s estimated that coins were invented around 700 BC – it’s thought that they were originated in Aegina Island. Coins nowadays are quite complex in their make-up however early coins were also made up of a number of combined metals such as electrum combined with silver and copper. Electrum itself is a light yellow coloured metal that contains a mix of both silver and gold.

Roman and Greek coins are very popular with collectors. The Byzantine Empire was prolific when it came to coin production, their coins would depict emperors and the Christian cross.

When it comes to foreign coins that were cast instead of hammered then we can go all the way back to the 11th Century to see samples. Tong Bei coins was commonplace with the Han Dynasty and the Warring States Period.

It’s interesting to note that in the same way that different animals had different ‘trade’ values (such as a cow being worth more than a chicken) then this was mirrored in the production of some coins. Some early coins for example were shaped the same as various animals (such as a cow).

As with many foreign coins today they are and were predominantly round, however there were a few that were square in shape. It was also common for many coins to have a hole in the middle so they could be threaded on a piece of string. This you can still see today with some Asian coins and coins from the Nordic region.

Gold and silver features heavily throughout the history of foreign coins, from the colour that we see today through to some coins containing various levels of these precious metals. The earliest pure gold and silver coins date back to the 7th Century and are the gold Dinar and silver Dirham.

Interestingly the most valuable gold coin in the world is the 1933 Gold Double Eagle which sold for an incredible $7.5 million back in 2002. This coins has a very interesting history on it’s own and you can read more here:

For many of us who go abroad or accept foreign coins as part of a business or charity then you’ll know that they can’t be changed at a bank. However, we offer a fast, efficient and easy way to exchange foreign coins. If you have any foreign or old coins that you’d like to exchange then please go to our page ‘How to send us coins‘.  We make it simple and fast to get your coins changed and we even sort and count them for you saving you even more time.  We give you the service that the bank won’t and we would be delighted to give you assistance with your leftover coins.

Coin Collections

Posted on: August 13th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Exchange you foreign coin collections for cash!

We love foreign coin collections, unlike UK banks! We will buy your foreign coin collections today and convert them into Sterling and then pay you via BACS payment directly into your bank account or by cheque. If you have a Paypal account we can pay into that as well.  The banks don’t like coins because it is not cost effective for them to sort, count or repatriate these coins. But at Cash4Coins we specialise in this service and give you the best way of making your unused currency work for you.

We’ll exchange ANY coin collections – including foreign coins and old British and Irish coins.  It’s so easy to send us your currency and you might be surprised how much that collection of coins is actually worth.  What could you do with a little extra money?  Whether you are a charity, a company or an individual, we bet that money will come in very handy.  Let’s face it, it’s money that you haven’t had to work hard for (not recently at least) and that is just sitting around collecting dust at this present moment in time.

To send us your coins today take a look at ‘How to send us coins‘ – if you want to see how good our service is then take a look at our ‘customer comments’ page.

Our service is as simple as 1, 2, 3….

1. Send us your coins and we’ll count and sort them.

2. We make you an offer to buy your foreign or old British and Irish coins

3. If you accept our offer we pay you directly. (In the event that you don’t accept our offer we return your coins free of charge)

It really is that simple….

Most of us have foreign coins lying around that can never be used, however we will convert your foreign coin collections for you. You may want to send your own private collection or maybe get together with friend or work colleagues to send us a larger coin collection.

Many people organise charity coin collections, you may want to collect coins for a local school or club – whatever you want to do we can convert the coins into Sterling.

Above certain weights we’ll even collect your foreign coins for FREE – please go to ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details.

Don’t let that coin collection sit there going to waste, simply get all your foreign change and coins and send them to us – cash in your coin collections today.  If you are a charity looking for coin collections fundraising ideas, give our specialist team a call.  We can give you lots of inspiration that will have the foreign coins rolling in before you know it.  And this is money that you can send to us to exchange for Sterling. Think about what you could do with just a little extra money in your bank account.

If you’d like specialist help and advice on the best ways to exchange foreign coins, or help with any fundraising ideas then we have a team who can help you. Contact us today…


Foreign Coin Dealers

Posted on: August 4th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Cash4Coins – Leading foreign coins dealers in the UK

Here at Cash 4 Coins we specialise in exchanging foreign coins into Sterling. We will accept any coin, note or currency and our service is fast, efficient and friendly. If you are looking for foreign coin dealers in the UK then why not give us a try today.  At Cash4Coins we understand the frustration of our customers when they go to their local bank to exchange their foreign coins. The bad news is that banks and building societies are not foreign coin dealers and would rather not get involved in the coin exchange process.  And that’s why we started Cash4Coins!

We can release the value in those unwanted foreign coins that you have got lying around the house of office. As UK banks and bureau de change operations do NOT exchange foreign coins back into £GBP there is a lot of currency that is effectively worthless. In addition, other currencies, such as the Spanish Peseta is no longer legal tender so this means that many currencies are obsolete.

The good news is that as one of the leading foreign coin dealers we guarantee to buy ANY foreign currency, even the obsolete ones like Spanish Pesetas. Of course we also deal in current currencies such as the Euro, Swiss Franc, Dollar and so on – so whatever you have just send it to us and we’ll pay you in Sterling. We’ll even buy old British and Irish coins as well any pre-decimal coinage.

Our service is very easy to use.

Send us your foreign coins (we’ll collect if they are over 5kg)
We count and sort all the coins and make you an offer to buy them (If you’re not happy with the offer we will return the coins at our expense)
We pay you (either via direct transfer in under 1 hour or via PayPal or cheque)


It’s that easy!  If you are looking for a foreign coin dealer that cares about your custom and giving you the best rate for your foreign coins, you have come to the right place.  We want you to get the very best deal, but if you are not happy with the valuation we give you, you can simply let us know and we will send your coins back to you – no questions asked and absolutely FREE of charge!

Above certain weights we’ll even collect your foreign coins – please go to ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get some value from those unwanted foreign coins and notes then contact THE foreign coin dealers – Cash4Coins.  We can change any foreign currency and change those unused coins and notes into money that you can use. That money will be transferred to your bank account once you have agreed to our valuation.

Why not take a look at home right now to see which coins you have available. As one of the UK’s leading foreign coin dealers you can trust us to give you a fair price and excellent service.

Foreign Coin Buyer

Posted on: August 4th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Foreign Coin Buyer – we buy ANY foreign currency

There are thousands of people with leftover change and holiday money that is sitting unused around the house or office. Up until now it is very difficult to exchange this foreign currency back into Sterling as Bureau de Changes and UK banks will not accept overseas coins – not even the Euro. At Cash 4 Coins we are different! We are a foreign coin buyer who will purchase ANY foreign coins and notes (even obsolete ones like Spanish Pesetas) and pay you in Sterling.

We will even buy old British and Irish coins as well as any pre-decimal coins and notes.  So, if you have old 50p coins hanging around, and many people do, we would be very happy to exchange these for you.  It really couldn’t be easier to exchange your foreign coins and we would be delighted to take them off of your hands and give you a great rate.  Your bank cannot help you as there is not any incentive for them to do so – they do not want the hassle of sorting, counting and repatriating these coins and therefore do not advertise themselves as a foreign coin buyer.  Cash4Coins on the other hand specialises in this service and can exchange any foreign currency into Sterling.

Our service is fast, friendly and efficient and we can leverage value out of your unwanted foreign coins. Many people will collect coins with friends or colleagues and it’s a great way to raise money for your favourite charity, local school or club. As a foreign coin buyer we deal with lots of different currencies and amounts and always try to provide a fair valuation. The process of sorting old and foreign coins is complex and involves a lot of man-hours. This means that you are able to send us mixed coins and be happy in the knowledge that we will count and sort each and every coin.

To send us your coins and notes simply go to the page ‘How to send us coins

The great news is that if you are not happy with our valuation then we’ll send your coins back to you at our expense! So we can guarantee 100% satisfaction. This is one of the reasons why we’re the chosen partner for many UK charities both large and small.

So, whether you have been on holiday, a business trip or you have had lots of foreign coins donated to your charity or organisation, we can help to turn those coins into cash you can use right away.  It’s never been easier to exchange these coins and we can handle any coins of any denomination.  If you want to ask any questions or find out more about our convenient service, call your friendly foreign coin buyer today at Cash4Coins.

To exchange your foreign coins and notes contact Cash4Coins – the leading foreign coin buyer.

Above certain weights we’ll even collect your foreign coins for FREE – please go to ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details.

Coin Currency Exchange

Posted on: August 4th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

THE leading coin currency exchange service…

At Cash4Coins we provide a coin currency exchange service that allows you to exchange foreign coins and notes into Sterling. We accept ALL currencies from the Euro to Pesetas and anything in between. If you have any leftover foreign coins lying around at home or at work then why not turn them into £GBP today?

We pretty much accept all coins and notes:

Any foreign coins
All foreign notes
Euro coins and notes
Pre-Euro coins and notes
Old British coins and notes
Old Irish coins and notes
Pre-decimal coins and notes


We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you are not entirely happy with our valuation we will return your coins at our expense. So there is no risk whatsoever. This is just one of the reasons why we are the trusted partner to banks, hospitals, schools, charities, attractions and businesses. We pride ourselves on a great customer experience and it shows in everything we do.

At Cash4Coins we appreciate that the banks won’t change coins back into Sterling for you.  They don’t want to get involved with the sorting, counting or repatriation of foreign coins and so don’t offer a coin currency exchange service.  That’s where Cash4Coins comes in.  We bridge the gap by offering a simple, convenient and quick coin currency exchange service that you can use whenever you have foreign coins to exchange.  Just think about that extra money you could have in your pocket and you don’t even have to worry about counting or sorting your coins as we handle that side for you.

Our coin currency exchange service is fast and easy to use…

Step 1 – Package up your coins and post to us here at Cash4Coins

Step 2 – We count and sort the coins and provide a valuation offer

Step 3 – If you accept our valuation then we’ll transfer the money directly into your bank account (or PayPal) account if you prefer. (If you don’t accept our offer then we’ll return the coins to you at our expense) – It really is that easy!

Above certain weights we’ll even collect your foreign coins for FREE – please go to ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details.  What could be easier than arranging your coin currency exchange with the experts at Cash4Coins?  We have helped countless customers to release the value of their foreign coins. This is money that was simply lying around, but which we were able to transform into cold hard cash ready to spend in the UK. Whether you are a charity, school, hospital, museum or you have just come back from holiday with a pocketful of coins, we can help.

This is why so many people have used our tried and tested coin currency exchange service. Lots of people like to get together to collect foreign currency with friends and colleagues – it’s a great way to raise money for your local charity, school or club.  We can also give you some great fundraising ideas so get in touch with our teams today.

If you’d like to talk to us about how to exchange foreign coins or if you’d like more info or help then please get in touch.


Euro Coin Exchange Service

Posted on: August 4th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Try out the Euro coin exchange service today…

If you’ve been to your bank to use their Euro coin exchange service, you’ll have been very disappointed to find that they don’t have one.  The good news is that Cash4Coins can help.  Our Euro coin exchange service is the perfect way to convert your left over holiday money or currency from business trips abroad back into Sterling. Many of us have some euro-zone currency lying around and since the wide spread adoption of the Euro there is a lot of Euro coins and low denomination notes floating around that are going to waste.

So instead of the euro coins just sitting there why not use our Euro coin exchange service to change them into Sterling? Our service is fast and simple – you post us your euro coins, we count and sort them and then provide you with a valuation offer. If you are happy with this we then send payment directly to your bank (and it usually happens in around 2 hours). In the event that you’re not happy with the valuation then we will return your currency at our expense – this is our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Above certain weights we’ll even collect your foreign coins for FREE – please go to ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details. We also operate a drop-off service with over 4700 location across the UK.

It could not be easier! This is why many people are using our Euro Coin Exchange service to turn those useless old foreign coins into cash. You can get paid yourself or maybe collect with your friends and colleagues for your local school, club or charity. Whatever you do don’t let that euro currency go to waste – contact the Euro coin exchange experts at Cash4Coins and let us exchange your foreign coins and notes.

Our Euro coin exchange service is the perfect option for individuals, companies, schools and charities and allows you to make use of that foreign currency that would otherwise not be used. What could you do with some extra cash?  Even if it’s not that much in the end, something is better than nothing.  What’s more, we won’t even ask you to sort or count your coins as we do that bit for you.  You are never under any obligation to exchange your Euro coins with us and if you are not happy with the valuation we send you, we will send you back your coins completely free of charge.

When it comes to a Euro coin exchange service, nobody does it better or quicker than Cash4Coins and it is little wonder that we are the number one choice for people everywhere.  We can exchange any currency and we are here to give you advice on any aspect of foreign coin or note exchange.  We can even give you some great fundraising ideas for your school or charity!

To send us your coins and notes go to ‘How to send us coins‘ page. If you’d like to discuss any aspect of fundraising or our Euro coin exchange service then we’d be only too pleased to help you.

Foreign Coin School Collections

Posted on: August 2nd, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Foreign coin school collections – the easy fundraising choice

All schools need to raise well needed extra funds for deserving school projects. A great way to do this is to organise foreign coin school collections, it’s simple to do and a very effective method of raising money for your school. Many of our clients have regular school collections of foreign coins, we then buy the foreign coins and convert them into Sterling and pay the school via cheque or BACS payment directly into their bank account.

If you have over 5kg of coins we’ll even collect them for FREE!

As you will know many of the parents and friends of your school will have holidays or trips abroad and consequently they will have come home with spare foreign coins that they have not been able to exchange back in to Sterling. Most of the time this money is put in the ‘change jar’ or a drawer, never to be seen or used again! This is a great opportunity for your school to take advantage of this fact and put the unwanted foreign coins to good use at your school.

We’re trusted by lots of schools like yours to help raise valuable funds, here’s some recent comments:

“Cash 4 Coins is an excellent service that allows schools to easily convert old coins into valuable cash! Their service is quick and efficient and hassle-free. This is a top class service.”

Matthew – Sheringham Woodfields School, Norfolk.

“Cash 4 coins was an excellent fundraiser for us. It involved minimal work on the school’s part and we raised £400 to put towards a swing in our playground. Parents also found it a useful way to get rid of unwanted coins!”

Gemma Bicocchi (Class Teacher) – Kingswells Primary School, Aberdeen.

Organise your foreign coin school collections today and use those leftover foreign coins for the benefit of the school. We buy foreign coins at the best rates so start collecting leftover foreign coins right now.  Remember, your bank probably won’t be interested in exchanging your foreign coin school collections.  That’s why our service is so invaluable to our customers. They now that they can send their coins to us and that we will send them a valuation quickly and without any problems.  We will even collect your coins from you if you have enough so get your coins together today!

If you are a member of your schools’ PTA then collecting foreign coins is a great way to raise money for your school. Why not have a special foreign coin collecting tin or announce foreign coin school collections through your next newsletter?  We have heard lots of good things from our customers after they have collected foreign coins from parents and other teachers. It really is a great way to get a little bit of extra cash for your school.  If you have any questions, our friendly team will be delighted to help you.

For more information please contact our fundraising team on 0161 635 0000 ( or take a look at our page ‘How to send us coins‘ for more info.

Foreign Coin Charity Collections

Posted on: August 2nd, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Foreign coin charity collections

Foreign coin charity collections are a great way of fundraising and collecting foreign coins for charity is simple and very effective. If you represent a UK charity then why not get your customers to donate their leftover foreign coins to your charity. Many people return from trips abroad with a pocket full of change that they are never going to use again, and as banks will not exchange foreign coins the foreign currency goes to waste! You can harness this money and put it to good use for your charity by organising a charity collection of foreign coins.

Send us your foreign coin charity collections and we will sort the foreign currency and count the money and then provide you with payment either via cheque or BACS directly into your charity bank account. We are trusted by both national and local charities as well as banks, businesses, hospitals, schools and individuals. We offer excellent rates and super-fast payment.

FREE collection – we’ll even sort and count your coins

For certain weights we’ll collect for FREE or provide a subsidised collection service. You can see more info on our page ‘How to send us coins‘  We don’t want you to be inconvenienced at all when sending in your coins and we’ll do all the hard work for you.  If you were worried that you would have to count out your foreign coins, don’t be as we do all the sorting and counting for you. That leaves you free to get on with the running and administration of your charity.

Don’t delay, there are thousands of foreign coins that are sitting there ready to be used by your UK charity RIGHT NOW! Organise your foreign coin charity collection today and get those unwanted foreign coins working for your charity or good cause today. Think about what you could spend all of that lovely Sterling on.  New equipment,  a fun day out or simply money put away in the bank for when you need it – that’s the great thing about using Cash4Coins. Check out our service today.

We’ve helped some big name charities to make the most of their money

A number of our customers also donate their coins to a chosen charity such as Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation or the NSPCC. We can donate the funds from your collection on your behalf and provide a receipt from the charity with the amount donated. This is a very popular choice for a lot of clients. Alternatively we can post you a cheque (free for charities) where you have got a local charity branch as opposed to the main charity HQ.

Please take a minute to read our customer comments page where you’ll see the feedback from individuals, companies and charities that we help. If you have any questions then our charity fund-raising team will be delighted to help you.  You can use our service whenever you like.  So why not arrange foreign coin charity donations today to see how much you could make?