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Foreign Coin School Collections

Posted on: August 2nd, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Foreign coin school collections – the easy fundraising choice

All schools need to raise well needed extra funds for deserving school projects. A great way to do this is to organise foreign coin school collections, it’s simple to do and a very effective method of raising money for your school. Many of our clients have regular school collections of foreign coins, we then buy the foreign coins and convert them into Sterling and pay the school via cheque or BACS payment directly into their bank account.

If you have over 5kg of coins we’ll even collect them for FREE!

As you will know many of the parents and friends of your school will have holidays or trips abroad and consequently they will have come home with spare foreign coins that they have not been able to exchange back in to Sterling. Most of the time this money is put in the ‘change jar’ or a drawer, never to be seen or used again! This is a great opportunity for your school to take advantage of this fact and put the unwanted foreign coins to good use at your school.

We’re trusted by lots of schools like yours to help raise valuable funds, here’s some recent comments:

“Cash 4 Coins is an excellent service that allows schools to easily convert old coins into valuable cash! Their service is quick and efficient and hassle-free. This is a top class service.”

Matthew – Sheringham Woodfields School, Norfolk.

“Cash 4 coins was an excellent fundraiser for us. It involved minimal work on the school’s part and we raised £400 to put towards a swing in our playground. Parents also found it a useful way to get rid of unwanted coins!”

Gemma Bicocchi (Class Teacher) – Kingswells Primary School, Aberdeen.

Organise your foreign coin school collections today and use those leftover foreign coins for the benefit of the school. We buy foreign coins at the best rates so start collecting leftover foreign coins right now.  Remember, your bank probably won’t be interested in exchanging your foreign coin school collections.  That’s why our service is so invaluable to our customers. They now that they can send their coins to us and that we will send them a valuation quickly and without any problems.  We will even collect your coins from you if you have enough so get your coins together today!

If you are a member of your schools’ PTA then collecting foreign coins is a great way to raise money for your school. Why not have a special foreign coin collecting tin or announce foreign coin school collections through your next newsletter?  We have heard lots of good things from our customers after they have collected foreign coins from parents and other teachers. It really is a great way to get a little bit of extra cash for your school.  If you have any questions, our friendly team will be delighted to help you.

For more information please contact our fundraising team on 0161 635 0000 ( or take a look at our page ‘How to send us coins‘ for more info.

Foreign Coin Charity Collections

Posted on: August 2nd, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Foreign coin charity collections

Foreign coin charity collections are a great way of fundraising and collecting foreign coins for charity is simple and very effective. If you represent a UK charity then why not get your customers to donate their leftover foreign coins to your charity. Many people return from trips abroad with a pocket full of change that they are never going to use again, and as banks will not exchange foreign coins the foreign currency goes to waste! You can harness this money and put it to good use for your charity by organising a charity collection of foreign coins.

Send us your foreign coin charity collections and we will sort the foreign currency and count the money and then provide you with payment either via cheque or BACS directly into your charity bank account. We are trusted by both national and local charities as well as banks, businesses, hospitals, schools and individuals. We offer excellent rates and super-fast payment.

FREE collection – we’ll even sort and count your coins

For certain weights we’ll collect for FREE or provide a subsidised collection service. You can see more info on our page ‘How to send us coins‘  We don’t want you to be inconvenienced at all when sending in your coins and we’ll do all the hard work for you.  If you were worried that you would have to count out your foreign coins, don’t be as we do all the sorting and counting for you. That leaves you free to get on with the running and administration of your charity.

Don’t delay, there are thousands of foreign coins that are sitting there ready to be used by your UK charity RIGHT NOW! Organise your foreign coin charity collection today and get those unwanted foreign coins working for your charity or good cause today. Think about what you could spend all of that lovely Sterling on.  New equipment,  a fun day out or simply money put away in the bank for when you need it – that’s the great thing about using Cash4Coins. Check out our service today.

We’ve helped some big name charities to make the most of their money

A number of our customers also donate their coins to a chosen charity such as Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation or the NSPCC. We can donate the funds from your collection on your behalf and provide a receipt from the charity with the amount donated. This is a very popular choice for a lot of clients. Alternatively we can post you a cheque (free for charities) where you have got a local charity branch as opposed to the main charity HQ.

Please take a minute to read our customer comments page where you’ll see the feedback from individuals, companies and charities that we help. If you have any questions then our charity fund-raising team will be delighted to help you.  You can use our service whenever you like.  So why not arrange foreign coin charity donations today to see how much you could make?