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Foreign Coin Dealers

Posted on: August 4th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Cash4Coins – Leading foreign coins dealers in the UK

Here at Cash 4 Coins we specialise in exchanging foreign coins into Sterling. We will accept any coin, note or currency and our service is fast, efficient and friendly. If you are looking for foreign coin dealers in the UK then why not give us a try today.  At Cash4Coins we understand the frustration of our customers when they go to their local bank to exchange their foreign coins. The bad news is that banks and building societies are not foreign coin dealers and would rather not get involved in the coin exchange process.  And that’s why we started Cash4Coins!

We can release the value in those unwanted foreign coins that you have got lying around the house of office. As UK banks and bureau de change operations do NOT exchange foreign coins back into £GBP there is a lot of currency that is effectively worthless. In addition, other currencies, such as the Spanish Peseta is no longer legal tender so this means that many currencies are obsolete.

The good news is that as one of the leading foreign coin dealers we guarantee to buy ANY foreign currency, even the obsolete ones like Spanish Pesetas. Of course we also deal in current currencies such as the Euro, Swiss Franc, Dollar and so on – so whatever you have just send it to us and we’ll pay you in Sterling. We’ll even buy old British and Irish coins as well any pre-decimal coinage.

Our service is very easy to use.

Send us your foreign coins (we’ll collect if they are over 5kg)
We count and sort all the coins and make you an offer to buy them (If you’re not happy with the offer we will return the coins at our expense)
We pay you (either via direct transfer in under 1 hour or via PayPal or cheque)


It’s that easy!  If you are looking for a foreign coin dealer that cares about your custom and giving you the best rate for your foreign coins, you have come to the right place.  We want you to get the very best deal, but if you are not happy with the valuation we give you, you can simply let us know and we will send your coins back to you – no questions asked and absolutely FREE of charge!

Above certain weights we’ll even collect your foreign coins – please go to ‘How to send us coins‘ for full details.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get some value from those unwanted foreign coins and notes then contact THE foreign coin dealers – Cash4Coins.  We can change any foreign currency and change those unused coins and notes into money that you can use. That money will be transferred to your bank account once you have agreed to our valuation.

Why not take a look at home right now to see which coins you have available. As one of the UK’s leading foreign coin dealers you can trust us to give you a fair price and excellent service.