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Children in Need Fundraising Ideas

Posted on: May 6th, 2017 by Ian Stormnet

For one night in November, every year, the BBC becomes a place dedicated to charity. Helping children across the globe, Children in Need has become one of the best supported charities out there.

It draws in big name celebrities and is a whole lot of fun for those that watch it.

However, Children in Need, just like many of other charities, simply wouldn’t be able to function without donations. Which means that each and every year, people around the UK come up with great ways to raise money and help those who need it.

Want to get yourself nice and organised for the 2017 Children in Need? Why not check out some of the great ways you can raise money when the time comes?

Face your fears

Is there something that you are really terrified of? A great way to raise money is to face those fears. Get people to sponsor you to hold a spider, do a bungee jump or anything that is going to make you squirm. It is a sure fire way to get some support!

Go without tech

Are you the type of person who always has their phone in their hands? Bit of TV nut? Why not pledge to give up tech for a week during the Children in Need week? Not only is it a great fundraising tool, but it might actually teach you that you don’t need your beloved gadget in the first place!

Do something big

Want to really make an impact for charity? If you do, then perhaps it is time to try out something huge. Jump out of a plane, climb a mountain or run a marathon. These big pledges are a great way to bring money in and also give you the drive to try something that you wouldn’t otherwise!

Sell something

Do you have a hobby, talent or skill? Why not use this to raise money? You can bake cakes, paint pictures, even knit a blanket. Whatever you do, sell it for cash and you can soon see the money come in for charity.

Wear your PJs for a day

Just because it is a popular one, doesn’t mean it isn’t great. Don a onesie, or your favourite PJs for the day and raise some money. Or better yet, get your whole office, school or family to do the same. Not only will you raise money, but you will be super comfy for the day too!

The money that is raised during Children in Need really does make a difference to the lives of children around the world. There really is no better reason to get out there and try to raise some for yourself. Whether it is a few hundred pound or just 5, it is still going to make a difference and make up the grand total!



Fundraising Ideas for Hospitals

Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Fast, fun and easy fundraising ideas for hospitals…

If you are looking for fundraising ideas for hospitals to raise money for much needed equipment or for a specific campaign a foreign coin collection is a great way to raise funds. Once your collection is complete we here at Cash 4 coins will buy your currency from you and pay you directly in sterling, we even exchange old UK and Irish decimal coins.

Many of the hospitals we have had the pleasure of dealing with have simply placed a collection point outside of their wards or have advertised that they are collecting foreign coins for exchange over their hospital radio or their latest magazine. The response is often amazing. So many people have foreign coins in drawers and jars at home. These often accumulate after holidays and business trips and just sit gathering dust. But simply by asking for these coins in your next donation drive or your next hospital charity event, you might be surprised just how much this nets you once Cash4Coins has exchanged this money into Sterling for you.

The problem is that banks do not change up foreign coins and they can often be very picky about low denomination notes too. The good news is that we can exchange any coin or note and we won’t charge you extortionate fees like the banks do. Because we are a specialist foreign coin exchange service, you can trust us to give you a good rate and quick payment into your chosen bank account. What’s more, we count and sort your coins leaving you to think up some more great fundraising ideas for hospitals!

Cash 4 Coins have assisted many charities and large organisations raise much needed funds for their causes and we are on hand with hints, tips and suggestions to ensure a smooth and successful collection. You may be looking for fundraising ideas for hospitals and already have a substantial collection of foreign coins that you have accumulated from normal collections, and are unsure what to do with as the banks will not exchange due to costs that they incur for repatriating the money….. but look no further.

Once your collection is complete, you simply send the currency to us here at Cash 4 Coins, if your foreign currency weighs over 5Kg’s we will even collect it for free by courier. We will then email you a prompt quote to let you know the offer on your currency and if you accept we will either electronically transfer the money, send a cheque or even or send it through your Paypal account. If you are in any way not entirely satisfied with our quote we will return the money free of charge – it really is that simple!

If you’d like to see how we’ve helped lots of other hospitals, charities and organisations then take a look at our customer comments page.

So if you want to find out more about fundraising ideas for hospitals, contact us for further information or go to our ‘How to send us coins‘ page.