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How do I Change Euro Coins?

Posted on: August 1st, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

How do I change Euro Coins…?  Simple answer – with us!

If you’re wondering how do I change Euro coins and loose foreign currency then Cash4Coins can help you. You may have found that the high street banks will not exchange your currency due to the massive costs they incur in repatriating the money. Which is why here at Cash4Coins we have developed a system to do exactly that.

Most of us have some currency lying around the house, usually just cluttering drawers or change jars and so you may be thinking to yourself so how do I change Euro coins and all my useless other foreign coins.  You might think about sorting, counting and bagging up your coins to take them to the bank, but the problem is that the bank won’t exchange them for you.  They are only obligated to exchange Sterling for other denominations or foreign currency.  And if they do exchange these coins for you, they are likely to charge you through the nose.

But there is another way…

Cash4Coins will accept all currency including out of date British and Irish currency. The process is very simply, once you have collected your coins together you need to send them to us. Our team will then count and sort the money to ensure you gain the maximum value for it. We then make you an offer and once you accept you will receive a prompt payment from us via either BACs, Paypal or by Cheque, it’s your choice. If in the unlikely event you are not entirely happy with the offer we make you, we will return the coins to you free of charge, so there really is nothing to loose.

We are the trusted foreign coin exchange service in the UK and are used by banks, hospitals, schools, individuals and companies to quickly and reliably exchange foreign coins and notes. We don’t even ask that you sort or count your coins as we do that for you. We want you to be absolutely delighted with our service and so we try to make changing your Euro coins as easy as we possibly can.  And quick too!

So if you are thinking to yourself how do I change Euro coins then contact us for more information on how you can get the most from your leftover foreign currency. We’d love to help you.. We have years of experience in helping our customers change their foreign currency and we are standing by right now to help.  Changing euro coins was never so easy and we can also help you with other currencies such as dollars or Turkish Lira.  Just take a look at our website or blog to find out more about the currency that we exchange and the service we have to offer.

If you’d like to send in any coins then you can see how to do this on our page ‘How to send us coins‘. You can also join in the conversation on our Facebook page.