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Old Irish Coins

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Exchange old Irish coins and British coins into sterling today.

Like many people you may have a collection of old Irish coins lurking around the cupboards, loft or back of the sofa. And like many people you may think that these old coins may not have any value… but this is where you could be wrong!

Here at Cash 4 Coins we exchange old Irish coins as well as old British currency (such as pre-decimal and decimal coins) back into Sterling. Our service is fast, simple and secure and before you know it you could have exchanged your old Irish currency into cash!

What coins do we accept?

All old Irish coins and notes
All old British coins and notes
Pre-decimal coins and notes
All foreign coins
All pre-Euro coins and notes

All you need do is package up and send us your coins (for collections over 5kg we will collect FREE of Charge). Once we receive them we send a receipt to you and then sort and count the currency. Once this is complete we then e-mail you an offer to purchase the old Irish coins and if you accept we then send payment direct to your bank account. It really is that simple!

We have a number of convenient drop off points that you can use and we only charge a small fee for using these if your coins weigh under 5kg.  It really is the most effective and efficient way for you to change up your coins as the banks will not offer this type of service. Old Irish coins are no problem and we can also exchange old British coins if you have a collection of these lying around.  Keep a couple for old times’ sake and send the rest to us!  Our friendly and helpful team will sort, count and value your coins and if you agree to their valuation you could have your money in the bank within a couple of days!  We can transfer your money into your PayPal or bank account or you can also nominate a charity you would like to donate your money to.

And in the event that you don’t accept our offer we’ll return your coins back to you at our expense… so there is no risk. This is why we are the leading coin exchange business in the UK.

To send us your old irish coins or arrange for a collection please take a look at ‘How to send us coins‘. If you’d like to see why we are the UKs favourite foreign coin exchange business take a look at our customer comments page.

If you’d like to speak to us about exchanging old Irish coins and notes or would like some FREE help and advice on how to organise a collection for charity then we’d be only too pleased to help.  We have helped countless customers to make use of this money and we would be delighted to help you too.  And remember, you are under no obligation to accept our offer.  If you are not happy, and we think you will be, we will simply send you back your coins free of charge!