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Exchange Pre Decimal Coins

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Exchange pre decimal old Irish and British coins into sterling

Before decimalisation in 1971, there were different British and Irish coins each having its own value. The farthing, halfpenny, sixpence, crown and shilling were the most popular coins in existence. When these coins were phased out of circulation, many people were left with excess coins that could no longer be used. These coins were often saved and given to children for collection. People now want to exchange pre decimal coins for quick cash.

Cash4Coins exchanges these coins because many banks will not. Hanging on to coins that have no circulation value may be great for collectors, but many people want access to cash. The valuation of these coins can be made quickly and the sorting and counting is completed easily to come up with a fair offer for the pre-decimal coins. It is common for people to exchange pre decimal coins and use the money for savings or charitable donations.

If you have no use for your coin collection then why not pass it on to Cash4Coins? We exchange pre decimal coins that you might not have had time to use or exchange before they went out of circulation.  Keep a couple back as keepsakes and send the rest to our team for counting and sorting. We will arrange a valuation for your consideration and at no point are you under any obligation to accept this valuation. If you are not happy with the valuation we give you, we will simply send back your coins free of charge.

What else do you exchange?

Foreign coins and notes can be collected during trips and holidays. These can be kept as souvenirs or for the hope of returning again in the future. Exchanging this foreign currency is not an option at UK banks. Freeing up this currency is easy when exchanging for sterling at Cash4Coins. This can bring new life into old currency that cannot be used.

Gathering foreign notes and coins from friends or family members can increase the amount of cash that is received. People are often quick to get rid of foreign currencies that cannot be used. And remember that anyone can exchange pre decimal coins at Cash4Coins for easy cash.

To exchange pre decimal coins or arrange for a collection please take a look at ‘How to send us coins‘. If you’d like to see why we are the UKs favourite foreign coin exchange business take a look at our customer comments page.  We have helped individuals, churches, charities, schools and museums to make use of their otherwise worthless currency and we can do the same as you.  If you are a charity we can also help you to come up with some great fundraising ideas. Why not arrange a pre decimal coin collection or a foreign coin collection box.  This could be placed in a prominent position all year round allowing people to place their foreign coins and notes in when they return from holidays and business trips.  You’ll be amazed how much you can make in this way!