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Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 by Ian Stormnet

Fast and easy fundraising ideas for schools…

Most PTA’s that approach us are always looking for fast and easy fundraising ideas for schools. Especially in this time of austerity when everyone is feeling the pinch it can be difficult to get parents and friends of the school to donate money.  People are less and less able or willing to dip into their wages to give to charity and this can mean schools everywhere are losing out.

However, here at Cash 4 Coins we have the perfect answer – a foreign coin collection for your school. This is probably one of the best fundraising ideas for schools because foreign coins have almost zero value for most parents as they can’t be exchanged by banks. Therefore parents don’t mind donating their leftover foreign coins for school collections. The great news is that we CAN exchange foreign coins for cash so this is why a foreign coin collection is one of the most popular ways to raise funds for schools.

Most of us have loose currency lying around in change pots and drawers, destined to never be used, which is why a foreign coin collection is one of the best fundraising ideas for schools. If you make an appeal to all the children in the school to collect from all their family and friends at home, it should accumulate a substantial amount of foreign coins.  This is great for the school and for the children as they will get to learn more about the different currencies of the world and also a little about exchanging money – it could even spur some on to become stars of the stocks and shares world of the future!

What’s more all the schools that have taken part so far have commented on how much fun the children have had doing it. We have also found that all parents and family friends are keen to donate as you’re not asking them to dip into the monthly income to contribute, just raid their change jars and drawers!

If you’d like to see what our customers are saying about our fantastic service then take a look at our customer comments page. We are proud of the good words our customers have to say about us. It just shows what a great service we have to offer and we would be delighted to extend the same great service to you.  We mean it when we say we can exchange any currency so don’t worry if you have a few odd coins in your collection. We look forward to our coin collections coming in as we never stop learning about the many different currencies of the world.

If you are a teacher or PTA member looking for one of the best fundraising ideas for schools then contact us for some information on how to start a collection. We’d love to help you make the most of the money you have spent so much time and effort raising. You’ll be surprised just how much Sterling foreign coins can net for you!