Top 5 Most Valuable Foreign Coins

Top 5 most valuable foreign coins from around the world

When it comes to valuable foreign coins then there are a few stunners out there. Well, when we say ‘out there’ we mean in the hands of collectors mostly! These foreign coins were exchanged for huge amounts of cash and are extremely rare. You’ll also notice that they are nearly all from the US.

1. Flowing Hair Dollar

Photo of the 'flowing hair dollar' coin

The worlds most valuable coin

Price: £5 million (approximately $7.85 million USD)

When it comes to the worlds most expensive coin then the one that’s top of the pops is the 1794 ‘Flowing Hair’ Dollar Coin. Always considered one of the world’s most valuable coins, the flowing hair dollar was sold by a private collector for a whopping £5 million. Not a bad return on the face value of the actual coin!

2. The 1933 Double Eagle

Image of the famous gold double eagle coin

Image of the famous gold double eagle coin

Price: £4.78 million (approximately $7.59 million USD)

Often considered as the world’s most valuable coin the Double Eagle gold coin comes a close second in the valuation stakes. It’s definitely one you would not mind finding in your coin collection as the value, (when sold at auction) was an eye-watering £4.78 million.

The coins was minted in 1933 but it was never officially used in circulation and most were melted down due to the abolition of the US Domestic Gold Standard. Definitely one to keep an eye out for!

3. Rare Edward III

Medieval gold coin - Edward III

Medieval gold coin – Edward III

Price: £4.2 million (around $6.80 million USD)

This is one of the oldest and rarest coins in the world. Minted in the medieval times and circulated around 1343 this double florin gold coin is one of only three thought to be in existence. It sold at auction for a handsome £4.2 million. Not bad for an old coin!

4. The 1804 Silver Dollar

Very rare and expensive 1804 Silver Dollar

Very rare and expensive 1804 Silver Dollar

Price: £2.6 million (approx. $4.14 million USD)

At number 4 in the top 5 is Silver Dollar that was minted in 1804. This coins has a pretty unique heritage and was divided into three different classes – class 1, 2 and 3. The coins was purchased back in 2001 as part of a collection sold by the King of Siam.

5. Queen Elizabeth II

Photo of the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II coin

Photo of the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II coin

Price: £2.5 million (approximately $4 million USD)

The good old Canadians come in at number 5 in the valuable coin list with a humungous 100kg gold coin!! Not only is this coin the 5th most valuable in the world it’s also (unsurprisingly) the heaviest. It’s got Queen Elizabeth II on one side and a Maple leaf on the other. Weighing in at 100 kg you’d be pretty daft not to notice this one!

If you’d like help with any coin valuations or to simply exchange foreign coins then please contact our team who’d be glad to help. If you think you have a coin of value we would recommend photographing and sending an image first before arranging postage or courier. This would allow us to provide the most suitable means of transport and provide an approximate valuation up-front.

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    i’m AHMAD TAJUDDIN, from MALAYSIA :) . i have one coin the silver dollar LIBERTY 1804 .

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    My parents have been traveling since I can remember and I’m now 44 and they we’re traveling long before I and my sister came along
    My father had passed a few years ago and we discoverd a decently sized foreign and domestic coin collection from all over the world dating way back I don’t believe I have found the oldest coin to date I have found banks have no interest in coin money especially if it is foreign and outdated so I was told collectors is the way I should go but havering so many from so many different country’s is making figuring out what is what very tedious can you sugest some one of website that can help move this along ?? Open to any help I can get thanks Justin Duffy

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