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Donate your unwanted foreign coins and notes today

Did you know that you could help the AfriDACA 2015 project by giving your leftover foreign coins and notes as well as old British and Irish currency and any spare change?

Low denomination foreign coins and notes can’t be exchanged at UK banks so they end up sitting in a change jar or junk drawer never to be used again! Well, the great news is that you can help the AfriDACA 2015 project by donating this unwanted currency that would otherwise be going to waste.

By donating you’ll be helping DACA alleviate some of the suffering in Africa through education programmes.

OK, how do I donate my foreign coins and notes?

There are two easy ways to make a donation.

1. Simply take your foreign coins and notes (as well as your old British and Irish currency) to DACA and hand them in to the main reception.

The address is: Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, Sudell Road, Darwen, BB3 3HD

2. Send your unwanted currency directly to Cash4Coins

Here at Cash4Coins we are collecting currency directly for AfriDACA 2015. If you choose to send your currency directly to us to process for DACA please download and include the AfriDACA currency form. You can download the form by clicking here.

Once we have received your currency we will make the donation directly to the AfriDACA 2015. We provide a receipt of payment for your records.

You may even want to get together with colleagues, friends and family and collect all their foreign coins and notes to help fund this worthwhile cause.

What can be donated to DACA?

All foreign coins and notes
All old British and Irish coins and notes
Any spare change
All pre-Euro currencies

We accept all currency however some can only be exchanged at scrap or nominal value. You don’t even have to sort it as we do all this in the process.

For general info on our services for exchanging foreign coins and notes please go to our homepage.

Send your coins to us now

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