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Until 2002 the official currency of Belgium was the Belgian franc. The franc was sub divided into 100 centimes. Belgium gained independence in 1832. At that time the Belgian Franc (BEF) was equal to the French Franc. When Belgium joined the Latin Monetary Union in 1865 (which already had France, Switzerland and Italy as members) they could freely exchange their currency with the other countries.

In 1946 when Germany occupied Belgium the Franc was fixed against the Reichsmark – 1 Franc = 0.1 Reichsmark. It was in 1835 that Belgian franc notes were first issued. The denominations issued were 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 BEF notes. It wasn’t until 1851 that the National Bank of Belgium issued denominations of 50, 100, 500 and 1000 francs. In 1927 notes were issued as francs and belgas. In 2002 the franc was replaced by the euro and the banknotes were removed from circulation.

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Belgian Francs notes we exchange

100 Belgian Francs (100 BEF)
Belgium 100 Franc Banknote

Belgian 100 Franc Note

200 Belgian Francs (200 BEF)
BEF 200 Francs Banknote

Belgian 200 Franc Note

500 Belgian Francs (500 BEF)
BEF 500 Francs Banknote

Belgian 500 Franc Note

1000 Belgian Francs (1000 BEF)
BEF 1000 Francs Banknote

Belgian 1000 Franc Note

2000 Belgian Francs (2000 BEF)
BEF 2000 Francs Banknote

Belgian 2000 Franc Note

5000 Belgian Francs (5000 BEF)
BEF 5000 Frank Banknote

Belgian 5000 Franc Note


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