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The official currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB). The currency was first introduced to the country in 1897. The currency is subdivided in to 100 ‘satang’. The baht is one of the strongest currencies in Southeast Asia. THB banknotes are issued in 5 denominations. These are 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 Bahts. Each banknote has a different colour pattern to make them look different form each other. The 20 baht note is green, the 50 baht is blue, the 100 baht banknote is red, the 500 baht banknote is purple and the 1000 baht banknote is grey. In 2010 Thailand introduced the 16th series banknote. A new denomination banknote was minted and circulated in 2012. The 80 baht banknote was introduced to commemorate H.M. Queen Sirikit’s 80th birthday. If you have Thai Baht Banknotes or coins to exchange then please contact us.

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Thai Baht banknotes we accept for exchange

5 Thai Baht banknote (5 THB – 5 Bt)
5 BHT Bt Banknote

Thai 5 Baht Note

10 Thai Baht banknote (10 THB – 10 Bt)
10 BHT Bt Banknote

Thai 10 Baht Note

20 Thai Baht banknote (20 THB – 20 Bt)
20 BHT Bt Banknote

Thai 20 Baht Note

50 Thai Baht banknote (50 THB – 50 Bt)
50 BHT Bt Banknote

Thai 50 Baht Note

100 Thai Baht banknote (100 THB – 100 Bt)
100 BHT Bt Banknote

Thai 100 Baht Note

500 Thai Baht banknote (500 THB – 500 Bt)
500 BHT Bt Banknote

Thai 500 Baht Note

1000 Thai Baht banknote (1000 THB – 1000 Bt)
1000 BHT Bt Banknote

Thai 1000 Baht Note

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