Simple steps to exchange foreign coins

Who do we Help?

Who benefits from our hassle-free foreign coin exchange service?

Every day we help more and more organisations, businesses and individuals just like you exchange foreign coin collections into valuable – and usable – funds.

Many customers come to us for the first time because they’ve heard about our friendly and transparent service through a friend or colleague – not to mention our guarantee of the best exchange rates in the whole of the UK!

Why exchange foreign coins?

You may already know that foreign coins are not accepted for exchange at banks and bureaux de change, so if you want to avoid hanging onto near-worthless foreign coins on the off-chance that you’ll use them in the future, you need to find a reputable exchange provider.

For schools, businesses and charities, it’s something of a more pressing concern, as you’re likely to have foreign coins in much larger quantities. In these tough economic times, you can’t afford to just sit on something that potentially holds a lot of value when you can use it to bolster your cash flow.

We work with a diverse range of different groups, organisations, charities and businesses to release the value in their foreign coin collections, and help keep their capital as liquid as possible.

These are just some of the kinds of organisations we work with:

Charities, non-profits and fund-raising groups
Schools, Libraries and Clubs
Hospitals and healthcare groups
Businesses of all sizes, including multi-national corporations and banks
Airports, airlines & travel operators
Attractions, theme parks, museums and galleries
Local Authorities


With an already-solid customer base including some very high-profile companies, you only have to spend a few minutes browsing through our customer comments to realise that when we say 100% customer satisfaction, we really mean it!

Why choose Cash 4 Coins?

If you’re looking for the best exchange rates in the UK as well as a sharply customer-focused service, we believe you won’t find better than Cash 4 Coins. We receive emails and letters of thanks on a very regular basis from the diverse range of clients we work with because they all enjoy these great benefits:

A fast and hassle-free service
Great rates
100% guaranteed customer satisfaction
Free collection or drop off for collections over 5kg
Complete transparency
Friendly and knowledgeable staff


Much more…

If you’d like to turn your foreign coins into ready cash for your business or charity, then contact us today for friendly help and advice every step along the way. Click here for live help>

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