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Exchange Foreign Coins – FAQs

Frequently asked question on our services

How much will I get for my foreign money?

We all know that exchange rates change all the time and our exchange rate will also depend upon how much of a particular currency we have received from all of our customers in total. The greater volume of a particular currency we receive the better the rate.

We will be happy to provide a fixed price if you wish to send us a currency breakdown to:

Remember we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that the funds will be returned free of any charges if you are not happy with our offer to buy.

Coins and low denomination banknotes have lower exchange rates than those we all see advertised for holiday money. Coins even have a different exchange rate within the same currency.

As an example the USA 1 cent coin has a low exchange rate due to a number of factors.

1. It has a long distance to travel back to the USA before it can be banked

2. It has a very low value to weight ratio making shipping very costly.

3. The sorting and counting time both in the UK and in the USA bank are costly for the value of the coins.

As a result of this we will pay a lower percentage of the original value for the 1 cent coin by comparison to a higher percentage for the USA 25 cents coin/quarter dollar.

This is the same for all foreign coins which must be stockpiled, crated and then shipped to their national bank. They cannot be exchanged in the UK as you are aware and have to be repatriated before we can exchange them. The value, weight and distance home all have a bearing on the offer to buy them from you.

We will endeavour to supply the best rate possible and will email you once the currency is due to be sold and you can accept or decline our offer. All offers include the bank charges for sending the money directly to your bank account.

Do you have a maximum weight?

We will collect your coins for FREE if they weigh 5KG or more – please see our page ‘How to send us coins‘ for more information. We do not accept currency of less than 5kg.

Will you collect?

Yes, we will collect for FREE if your coins weigh 5KG or more  – please see our page ‘How to send us coins‘ for more information.

Can I bring my coins to you for exchange?

While we welcome you to drop off your currency directly to us we cannot exchange it on the day. ALL payments are made by electronic bank transfer and we require valid photo ID to verify your identity.

How do I package the coins and notes

You can see a video on how to package your coins and notes here: How to send us coins

Do you exchange all foreign coins and notes?

Yes we do, even coins that are no longer legal currency. Some less common currencies will attract very low rates because we will need to accumulate a large quantity before it becomes economical to exchange them. Coins and notes that are no longer legal currency and have not been in general circulation for the last 10 years will have minimal value. We will still accept them but the value will be limited to the metal value and novelty value of the currency.

What happens if my cash is lost in the post before it reaches you?

If you utilise our courier service we will automatically indemnify you for £100 per package that is confirmed as collected by our courier. Additional insurance is free as long as we are notified prior to collection.

How do I contact you?

Tel: 0161 635 0000


Postal: C4C Mail Centre, Minerva Mill, Station Road, Alcester B49 5ET

Where can I read your website privacy policy?

Here, please click the following link for our Cash4Coins Website basic privacy policy.

How do I contact you if I have problems with your website?

You can contact us by e-mail using, call us on 0161 635 0000 or mail us at: C4C Mail Centre, C4C Mail Centre, Minerva Mill, Station Road, Alcester B49 5ET

We welcome any feedback about our site and any ways you can suggest to make it easier to use.

How secure is my money once it arrives at cash4coins?

All currency is opened under secure conditions. It is weighed, photographed and recorded upon receipt. Any damaged packages are inspected and photographed with the results being immediately emailed to the sender prior to counting.

We want you to recommend us so we will endeavour to provide a better service than any other company in the market. You can see the great things that our customers say about us on our customer comments page.

Do I have to sort the coins?

No, we accept mixed consignments of foreign coins.

Will I get a better exchange rate if I sort the coins?

The exchange rate is the same but a small sorting fee is charged. The current fee is on our exchange form.

Why do you state £1 -£2 per kilo for some coins.

These coins are either no longer currency or uneconomical to exchange due to their value to weight ratio. The payment amount varies dependant on the particular coins received and the base metal.


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