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An easy and reliable way to exchange foreign coins

If you’re charged with the task of exchanging all the foreign coins your local authority accumulates, then you’ve probably already discovered that you can’t take them to a bank or bureau de change. Leaving them in a safe or cash box isn’t good for your cash flow or your accounts, so it’s important to find a way to regularly get your coins changed for ready cash.

Even if you don’t knowingly accept foreign coins in any of your authority’s services, they have a knack of just turning up – with alarming regularity. Especially at museums, parks, sports centres, car parks and travel concessions.

So what would you say to a fast, easy and transparent service that offers you the best value for foreign coins anywhere in the UK?

100% satisfaction guaranteed

When it comes to a local authority’s finances, we understand how important accounts and accountability are, which is why we pride ourselves in the thorough and completely transparent service we provide.

Whenever you send us a collection of coins, we provide a written, itemised statement of your collection, and the value for each denomination and currency. We even accept coins that are no longer in circulation, including pre-euro European coins, and pre-decimal British & Irish coins.

Coins that can’t be exchanged will still be accepted for nominal or scrap value, and these payments will be fully itemised on your written statement.

Payment within just 2 hours

Wherever they’re from, sending your coins to us is easy and stress-free, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like our offer for your coins, we simply return them to you at our own expense.

And we promise to offer the best exchange rate anywhere in the UK, ensuring you get the absolute best return on your coin collection. We even offer free collection or drop-off for certain weights, allowing you time to get on with running your department or division.

A brilliant fund-raising idea

But where exchanging foreign coins really comes into its own is when you combine it with fund-raising. From placing foreign coin collection boxes in your museums, gift shops and schools, to organising a community coin collection, foreign coins can draw a significant amount in donations because people don’t mind parting with them.

Estimates suggest that Britons take home over £30m in foreign coins each year from holidays and business trips. Most of it ends up in a jar, drawer or safe somewhere, waiting to be spent on the next vacation. Of course, people rarely remember to take coins with them when they next travel.

If you’ve never organised a foreign coin collection before, don’t worry. We have a dedicated fund-raising team who specialise in helping all kinds of companies, charities and groups to organise collections. We’re available to answer any questions, and to help you co-ordinate your fund-raiser to attract the highest possible donation amounts.

For more information, get in touch today, and find out how much you could raise.

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