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Payment and Exchange Rates

Exchange rates and payment for foreign coins and notes

Get the best price for your foreign coins and notes – GUARANTEED on ALL Foreign Currency

Todays Euro Coin Exchange Rate (for all coins 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, €1 to €2)  is: €1 = CALL for GBP

We guarantee to pay the best price in the UK for your currency. So, when exchanging foreign coins and notes you get the maximum amount possible.

We appreciate that many people have high expectations of what the currency is worth. The value of exchange coins and small denomination notes or obsolete banknotes is much lower due to the high costs of processing and transportation around the world to the various national banks to exchange them.

This is the same for all coins and banknotes which must be stockpiled, crated and then shipped to their national bank. They cannot be exchanged in the UK and have to be repatriated before we can exchange them.

The cost involved is the manpower, weight, insurance, shipping costs and ever rising fuel costs to repatriate them.

We will always offer our best rates which is why we are trusted for commercial foreign exchange services by the UK high street banks, UK government agencies, airports, law enforcement agencies, airports, charities, companies, hospitals, local authorities and schools.

Our exceptional customer satisfaction rating and the best service guarantee mean that we are the trusted partner for many organisations of all sizes. We are always happy to send a firm offer before the currency is collected if you have a fixed amount of currencies.

Contact customer services on 0161 635 0000 or e-mail for more information on how we can help you.

Money Laundering Regulations

Please note that for high value transactions we will implement enhanced Money Laundering Regulation checks .

Currency we exchange

All old British, Irish, Channel Islands and Scottish from Farthings to Crowns
Current and obsolete banknotes such as Spain, German, Austrian etc.
Current and obsolete coins
Even coins that can no longer be exchanged are still bought by weight, nothing is wasted


Currency List 

(Code) Currency (Code) Currency
ARS Argentina Pesos AMD Armenia Drams
AWG Aruba Guilders ATS Austria Schilling
AUD Australia Dollars AUP Australia Pounds
BHD Bahrain Dinars BDT Bangladesh Taka
BBD Barbados Dollars BEF Belgium Francs
BZD Belize Dollars
BMD Bermuda Dollars BTN Bhutan Ngultrum
BOB Bolivia Bolivianos
BWP Botswana Pulas BRL Brazil Reais
BND Brunei Dollars BGN Bulgaria Leva
KHR Cambodia Riels
CAD Canada Dollars CVE Cape Verde Escudos
CNY China Yuan Renminbi COP Colombia Pesos
XOF Communaute F A Francs BCEAO XAF Communaute F A Francs BEAC
KMF Comoros Francs XPF Comptoirs Francais du Pacifique Francs
NZD Cook Islands CRC Costa Rica Colones
HRK Croatia Kuna CUC Cuba Convertible Pesos
CUP Cuba Pesos CYP Cypriot Pound
CZK Czech Republic Koruny DKK Denmark Kroner
DJF Djibouti Francs DOP Dominican Republic Pesos
NLG Dutch Guilder XCD East Caribbean Dollars
EGP Egypt Pounds SVC El Salvador Colones
ERN Eritrea Nakfa EEK Estonia Krooni
ETB Ethiopia Birr EUR Euro
FKP Falkland Islands Pounds DKK Faroese Kronur
FJD Fiji Dollars FIM Finnish Marka
FRF French Franc GMD Gambia Dalasi
GEL Georgia Lari DEM German Mark
GHS Ghana Cedis GIP Gibraltar Pounds
GRD Greek Drachma GTQ Guatemala Quetzales
GGP Guernsey Pounds GNF Guinea Francs
GYD Guyana Dollars HTG Haiti Gourdes
HNL Honduras Lempiras HKD Hong Kong Dollars
HUF Hungary Forint ISK Iceland Kronur
INR India Rupees IDR Indonesia Rupiahs
IEP Irish Pound
IMP Isle of Man Pounds ILS Israel New Shekels
ITL Italian Lire JMD Jamaica Dollars
JPY Japan Yen JEP Jersey Pounds
JOD Jordan Dinars
KES Kenya Shillings
LAK Laos Kips
LVL Latvia Lati
LSL Lesotho Maloti
LTL Lithuania Litai LUF Luxembourg
MOP Macau Patacas MKD Macedonia Denars
MGA Madagascar Ariary MWK Malawi Kwachas
MYR Malaysia Ringgits MVR Maldives Rufiyaa
MRO Mauritania Ouguiyas
MUR Mauritius Rupees MXN Mexico Pesos
MDL Moldova Lei MNT Mongolia Tugriks
NPR Nepal Rupees ANG Netherlands Antilles Guilders
NZD New Zealand Dollars NZP New Zealand Pounds
NOK Norway Kroner
PAB Panama Balboas
PYG Paraguay Guarani
PEN Peru Nuevos Soles PHP Philippines Pesos
PLN Poland Zlotych PTE Portuguese Escudos
QAR Qatar Riyals RON Romania New Lei
SHP Saint Helena Pounds
STD Sao Tome and Principe Dobras
SAR Saudi Arabia Riyals RSD Serbia Dinars
SCR Seychelles Rupees
SGD Singapore Dollars SKK Slovak Koruna
SIT Slovenia Tolar SBD Solomon Islands Dollars
ZAR South Africa Rand
KRW South Korea Won ESP Spanish Pesetas
LKR Sri Lanka Rupees
SRD Suriname Dollars SZL Swaziland Emalangeni
SEK Sweden Kronor CHF Switzerland Francs
TWD Taiwan New Dollars
TZS Tanzania Shillings
THB Thailand Baht TOP Tonga Pa'anga
TTD Trinidad and Tobago Dollars
TRY Turkey Lira TRL OLD Turkey 250000+
UAH Ukraine Hryvnia AED United Arab Emirates Dirhams
GBP United Kingdom Pounds USD United States Dollars
UYU Uruguay Pesos
VUV Vanuatu Vatu VEF Venezuela Bolivares Fuertes
VND Vietnam Dong

For most people, unwanted foreign currency has no intrinsic value as UK banks will not exchange them into Sterling. The reason the banks will not exchange foreign coins is because of the huge personnel and logistical expense in sorting, counting and shipping – This means that for most people foreign coins are almost worthless.

This can also apply to some low denomination notes, where UK banks may provide a very low exchange rate which again can make some notes have almost no value.

For example, some coins such as French Francs, are no longer exchanged even at the Bank of France and from February 2012 French Franc notes are no longer exchanged.

However, here at Cash4Coins we will exchange foreign currency back into Sterling. Our exchange rates will vary slightly due to normal market conditions and also depends upon the overall quantity of a currency we receive. We also GUARANTEE to give you the BEST market rates.

All coins have to be carefully sorted and counted which is a very labour intensive process. These coins are then finally repatriated to the country of origin for exchange.

Some less common currencies will require stock piling before it is commercially economical to ship them for exchange. This will mean these currencies may receive a substantially lower rate of exchange.

Why not send us your leftover foreign coins and notes today and we’ll exchange them into Sterling. Please go to our ‘How to send us coins‘ page for details of where to send the currency. If you have any questions then please contact our dedicated customer services team who are on hand to help.


Payment for your foreign coins is made following the counting and sorting of the foreign coins and notes that you send to us.

We are a commercial foreign coin exchange service and our clients include banks, charities, companies, hospitals, local authorities and schools. Our exceptional customer services and the best market rates means that we are the trusted partner for many organisations of all sizes. Contact customer services on 0161 635 0000 for more information on how we can help you.

We use the latest counting technology to ensure that the foreign currency that we buy is accurately sorted and totalled.

Please see the page How to send us coins for full details.


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  1. julian flint says:

    I have recently acquired a large quantity of foreign banknotes of which most are no longer in circulation, could you exchange them for cash?

  2. Waterfield says:

    We have 750,000 old Turkisk lira in notes, would you exchange?

  3. stephen says:

    Please can you tell me the rate you pay for
    US coins
    German mark coins
    Spanish peseta coins
    Suisse franc coins

  4. Amanda says:

    I have a box full of old coins off my father (shillings, three pences etc..) do you except these?

  5. i have 2,500 drachma notes are these changeable for euros if so what would be the exchange rate and how do i go about exchanging the notes . thank you anthony langford

  6. Rajender says:

    HI, I have 1000 lira turkey note can we exchange that.
    If you can do that please let me know the rate.


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