Guernsey Pounds Banknote

Guernsey Pound Banknotes

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Since 1921 the official currency for Guernsey has been the pound. Contrary to belief the Guernsey Pound is nota separate currency to the UK pound. The GGP is a local issued pound currency similar to the currency of Northern Ireland and Scotland. After World War II Guernsey was forced to equal the value of the Guernsey Pound to equal that of Pound Sterling. All Guernsey banknotes minted during World War I were over printed with the words British to indicate that a change had been made. Guernsey Pound denominations are currently minted in the following denominations 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 banknotes. Each banknote is minted in a different colour as the value of the note increases. We offer a fast and convenient way to exchange Guernsey pounds and currency.

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On average the amount of foreign leftover currency that comes back to the UK amounts to £54 per person. This includes currencies ranging from Turkish Lira and Guernsey Pound banknotes to the out of date Greek Drachma. Despite the customary last minute souvenir buying at the airport many of us still return home with foreign leftover currency. Send us your leftover Guernsey Pound banknotes and we will buy them from you. We guarantee the best exchange rates available on the day and faster payment which means you don’t have to wait days to be paid. Why not boost your own personal income by converting all your leftover foreign currency. If you are not happy with the quote we give you, don’t worry. We will return all your leftover foreign currency back to you at our own expense.

Guernsey Pound banknotes we exchange

1 Guernsey Pound banknote (£1 – 1 GGP)
GGP £1 Banknote

Guernsey £1 Note

10 Guernsey Pound banknote (£10 – 10 GGP)
GGP £5 Pounds Banknote

Guernsey £5 Note

20 Guernsey Pound banknote (£20 – 20 GGP)
GGP £10 Pounds Banknote

Guernsey £10 Note

50 Guernsey Pound banknote (£50 – 50 GGP)
GGP £50 Pounds Banknote

Guernsey £50 Note


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