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Romanian Lei Banknotes

Exchange Romanian Lei Banknotes

The official currency of Romania is the Romanian lei (RON) although a member of the European Union it still uses its own currency. One RON is subdivided into 100 bani. Over the years the currency has undergone several currency reforms and several re-evaluations. There have been three series of lei banknotes and currently the country has minted and circulated a fourth series. This new lei (RON) is equal to 10,000 old lei. Banknotes are available in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 and 500 lei. Each banknote features prominent historical figures and national symbols. These new notes are made from polymer and have enhanced security features to combat counterfeiting. Romania is expected to adopt the euro in 2015. Exchange Romanian Lei banknotes today!

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Romanian lei banknotes we accept

1 Romanian Lei banknote (1 RON)
1 RON Banknote

Romanian 1 Lei Note

5 Romanian Lei banknote (5 RON)
5 RON Banknote

Romanian 5 Lei Note

10 Romanian Lei banknote (10 RON)
10 RON Banknote

Romanian 10 Lei Note

50 Romanian Lei banknote (50 RON)
50 RON Banknote

Romanian 50 Lei Note

100 Romanian Lei banknote (100 RON)
100 RON Banknote

Romanian 100 Lei Note

200 Romanian Lei banknote (200 RON)
200 RON Banknote

Romanian 200 Lei Note

500 Romanian Lei banknote (500 RON)
500 RON Banknote

Romanian 500 Lei Note


10,000L Romanian Lei banknote (10000 ROL)
10000 RON Banknote

Romanian 10000 Lei Note

50,000L Romanian Lei banknote (50000 ROL)
50000 RON Bnaknote

Romanian 50000 Lei Note

100,000L Romanian Lei banknote (100000 ROL)
100000 RON Banknote

Romanian 100000 Lei Note

500,000L Romanian Lei banknote (500000 ROL)
500000 RON Banknote

Romanian 500000 Lei Note

1,000,000L Romanian Lei banknote (1 million ROL)
1000000 RON Banknote

Romanian 1000000 Lei Note


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