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Exchange Euros

Exchange Euros

On the 1st January, 1999 the Euro was launched as an electronic currency. It became legal tender on 1st January, 2002. The Euro is the official currency for 17 countries in Europe – Spain, France, Estonia, Cyprus, Belgium, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Portugal. Over 300 million European people use the Euro currency. It is the second most traded currency in the world after the American USD. The Euro has the highest combined value of banknotes and coins in circulation in the world, surpassing the US dollar. The 1, 2 and 5 cent coins account for over 80% of minted coins in the Euro zone and are minted from copper coated steel. The Euro 1 and 2 coins have a two toned appearance. The ‘gold’ is an alloy of zinc, copper and nickel. The ‘silver’ is cupronickel comprised of copper and nickel.

Euro coins cannot be exchanged by any bank or bureau de change outside the Euro zone. Our simple and easy service enables you to exchange any foreign coins including the Euro back into usable money.

Why people exchange Euro coins with us…

We exchange all denominations of the Euro back into usable cash.
Banks and bureau de change offices will not exchange your leftover Euros but we will!
We will exchange all minted Euro coins, regardless of age or condition – even damaged coins
We offer payment in under 1 hour for your Euro coins
We also offer free collection and drop-off
The exchange rate given will be the best rate guaranteed


Exchange Euro coins the secure, fast and simple way.

Euros in the form of coins and banknotes always return with you when you arrive back from a business trip or holiday in Europe. More than likely these get added to the change jar. If you have some leftover Euro coins from your last trip then contact us. We offer a fast, simple and easy way of exchanging leftover coins back into usable cash.

If you are not happy with the quote we give you then no problem! We will return all your leftover coins at our own expense. Yes, it really is that easy.

Euro coins we exchange

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2 Euro Cents (0.02 EUR)
5 Euro Cents (0.05 EUR)
10 Euro Cents (0.10 EUR)
20 Euro Cents (0.20 EUR)
50 Euro Cents (0.50 EUR)
1 Euro Coin
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