Saudi Arabian Riyals Banknote

Saudi Arabian Riyals Banknotes

Exchange Saudi Arabian Riyal banknotes

The riyal originated before the country Saudi Arabia existed. Prior to the 20th century currencies of foreign countries including British Gold sovereigns were used as currency in Arabia. In 1932 Saudi Arabia was established and a common currency was introduced – Saudi riyal. Saudi Arabia first minted and issued banknotes in 1952. The first notes were 10 riyals. Following the 10 riyal note, banknotes in denominations of 1 and 5 riyals were circulated. The second issue of riyal banknotes were issued in 1957 in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50,100, 200 and 500 riyal. Following this issue of banknotes a further 2 issues were circulated in 1976 and 1984 and are still currently in use in the country. Contact us to exchange Saudi Arabian Riyal banknotes.

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Leftover currency… at some point in your life you will find yourself with some. This could be Euros, Thai baht, US dollars and even Saudi riyal (SAR) banknotes. Whichever currency you have it is pretty useless if you are not going travelling to that particular country again. We will buy it from you. We offer a simple and secure online method to exchange leftover currency back into usable cash. We offer guaranteed exchange rates and faster payments. We accept all foreign currency regardless of age or condition as well as all commemorative and previous series banknotes. You will be surprised just how much leftover currency is actually worth and it could be you are sitting on a tidy sum. Our quote is a no obligation one so if you are not happy with our quote then don’t worry. We will return all of your leftover foreign currency back to you at our own expense.

What Saudi Arabian Riyal Banknotes do we exchange?

1 Saudi Riyal banknote (1 SAR)
1 SAR Banknote

Saudi Arabian 1 Riyal Note

5 Saudi Riyal banknote (5 SAR)
5 SAR Banknote

Saudi Arabian 5 Riyal Note

10 Saudi Riyal banknote (10 SAR)
10 SAR Banknote

Saudi Arabian 10 Riyal Note

20 Saudi Riyal banknote (20 SAR)
20 SAR Banknote

Saudi Arabian 20 Riyal Note

50 Saudi Riyal banknote (50 SAR)
50 SAR Banknote

Saudi Arabian 50 Riyal Note

100 Saudi Riyal banknote (100 SAR)
100 SAR Banknote

Saudi Arabian 100 Riyal Note

200 Saudi Riyal banknote (200 SAR)
200 SAR Banknote

Saudi Arabian 200 Riyal Note

500 Saudi Riyal banknote (500 SAR) 
500 SAR Banknote

Saudi Arabian 500 Riyal Note

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