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The currency of Ireland until 2002 was the Irish pound. Irish currency was first introduced as coinage in 1926. All Irish currency issued were minted coins of silver, nickel and bronze with the same denomination as British coins. The only difference being the Irish silver coin had 75 percent silver content as opposed to the 50 percent of British coins. In December 1928 all issued Irish coins were legal tender for limited amounts, forty shillings for silver coins and one shilling for bronze coins. In the 1970s the Irish pound was decimalised. New minted coins were circulated – 5 and 10 new pence which were used as one and two shillings and a new 50 pence coin for use as ten shillings. This was introduced to help the public become familiar with this new currency.

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1 Irish Pound coin
50 Pence (0.50 IEP)
20 Pence (0.20 IEP)
10 Pence (0.10 IEP)
5 Pence (0.05 IEP)
2 Pence (0.02 IEP)
1 Pence (0.01 IEP)
½ Penny (0.005 IEP)


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