Hungarian Forints Banknote

Hungarian Forint Banknotes

Exchange Hungarian Forint Banknotes

The official currency of Hungary is the Forint (HUF) This is further sub-divided into 100 filler. The Hungarian Forint was first minted and issued on 1st August 1946 after World War II. The Hungarian National Bank issued 10 and 100 forint banknotes in 1946. The next two years the bank minted the next series of Hungarian forint banknotes which were of a better quality. This series also included the 20 Forint banknote. In the years up to 1991 50, 500, 1000 and 5000 Forint banknotes were minted and issued to the country.

By 2001 a completely new design of Forint banknotes were minted including the denominations 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 and 20000 Forint. Each HUF banknote has a famous Hungarian leader or politician printed on the front. The Forint banknotes are watermarked with a vertical security strip. The higher the banknote the better the security. Forint banknotes which are 1000 notes and the higher denomination banknotes have a holographic security strip interwoven into the note. We offer a fast and easy way to exchange Hungarian Forint banknotes for cash.

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Hungarian Forint banknotes we exchange

200 Hungarian Forints banknote (200 HUF)
500 Hungarian Forints banknote (500 HUF)
500 HUF Hungarian Forint Banknote

Hungarian Forint 500 Note

1000 Hungarian Forints banknote (1,000 HUF)
1000 HUF Hungarian Forint Banknote

Hungarian Forint 1000 Note

2000 Hungarian Forints banknote (2,000 HUF)
500 HUF Hungarian Forint Banknote

Hungarian Forint 5000 Note

5000 Hungarian Forints banknote (5,000 HUF)
5000 HUF Hungarian Forint Banknote

Hungarian Forint 5000 Note

10000 Hungarian Forints banknote (10,000 HUF)
10000 HUF Hungarian Forint Banknote

Hungarian Forint 10000 Note

20000 Hungarian Forints banknote (20,000 HUF)
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