Finnish Markkaa Banknote

Finnish Markkaa Banknotes

Exchange Finnish Markkaa banknotes

Prior to 2002 the official currency for Finland was the Finnish Markkaa (FIM). The Markkaa was further sub-divided into pennies. 100 pennies = 1 Markkaa. All Finnish banknotes in circulation reflected the country’s economic and political history. It was due to the silver shortage at the beginning of the 20th century that led to the introduction of paper currency. The first series Finnish Markkaa banknotes included 1 Markkaa, 25 penni and 50 penni notes. Markkaa notes in circulation were in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 Markkaa.

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Finnish Markkaa banknotes we exchange

1 Finnish Markkaa banknote (1 FIM)
5 Finnish Markkaa banknote (5 FIM)
5 FIM Markkaa Banknote

Finnish 5 Markkaa Note

10 Finnish Markkaa banknote (10 FIM)
5 FIM Markkaa Banknote

Finnish 10 Markkaa Note

20 Finnish Markkaa banknote (20 FIM)
20 FIM Markkaa Banknote

Finnish 20 Markkaa Note

50 Finnish Markkaa banknote (50 FIM)
50 FIM Markkaa Banknote

Finnish 50 Markkaa Note

100 Finnish Markkaa banknote (100 FIM)
100 FIM Markkaa Banknote

Finnish 100 Markkaa Note

500 Finnish Markkaa banknote (500 FIM)
500 FIM Markkaa Banknote

Finnish 500 Markkaa Note

1000 Finnish Markkaa banknote (1000 FIM)
1000 FIM Markkaa Banknote

Finnish 1000 Markkaa Note


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