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The UAE dirham (AED) is the name given to the official currency of the United Arab Emirates and Morocco. The dirham serves as the sub unit of the following currencies also – Qatar riyal, Libyan dinar and the Jordanian dinar. First introduced in 1973 it replaced the Qatar and Dubai riyal at par. The sub-dividing unit of the dirham is the ‘fils’. One dirham is equal to 100 fils. Anything over 1 dirham is issued as a banknote and anything under 1 dirham is issued as a coin. Banknotes are issued in 8 denominations – 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 dirham’s. The front of the banknote has text printed in Arabic and the values are displayed in eastern Arabic numerals. The reverse side of the banknotes has the numerals printed in Hindu Arabic numerals and the text is printed in English. The 200 dirham banknote was last printed in 1989 but is still in circulation in the country. If you’d like to exchange UAE Dirham notes or coins then please contact us.

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UAE dirham banknotes we accept

5 UAE Five Dirhams banknote (5 AED)
5 UAE AED Banknote

UAE 5 Dirham Note

10 UAE Ten Dirhams banknote (10 AED)
10 AED Banknote

UAE 10 Dirham Note

20 UAE Twenty Dirhams banknote (20 AED)
20 AED Banknote

UAE 20 Dirham Note

50 UAE Fifty Dirhams banknote (50 AED)
50 AED Banknote

UAE 50 Dirham Note

100 UAE One Hundred Dirhams banknote (100 AED)
AED 100 Banknote

UAE 100 Dirham Note

200 UAE Two Hundred Dirhams banknote (200 AED)
200 AED Banknote

UAE 200 Dirham Note

500 UAE Five Hundred Dirhams banknote (500 AED)
500 AED Banknote

UAE 500 Dirham Note

1000 UAE One Thousand Dirhams banknote (1000 AED)
1000 AED Banknote

UAE 1000 Dirham Note


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