How to Exchange Philippine Peso Banknotes

Philippine Peso Banknotes

How to exchange Philippine Peso banknotes

Since 1852 the official currency of the Philippines has been the peso (PHP). This peso is further subdivided into 100 centavos. The peso is officially registered in the Guinness Book of World Records for its 100000 peso banknote as this is the largest legal tender note in context of size.

Peso banknotes are minted in 6 denominations – P20, P50, P100, P200, P500 and P1000. Each of these banknotes have a uniform size and are differentiated by their colour. The 20 peso note is orange, the 50 peso note is red, the 100 peso note is violet, the 200 peso note is green, the 500 peso note is yellow and the 1000 peso note is blue. Each PHP banknote has an image of a prominent person of the Philippines on the front and prominent events and achievements on the back.

In 2009 the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas redesigned the banknotes to be more durable and have more security features. If you’d like to exchange Philippine Peso banknotes then use our service as detailed below.

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5 Philippine Peso banknotes (5 Peso PHP)
5 PHP Banknote

Phillippine 5 Peso Note

10 Philippine Peso banknote (10 Peso PHP)
PHP 10 Peso Banknote

Phillippine 10 Peso Note

20 Philippine Peso banknote (20 Peso PHP)
20 PHP Peso Banknote

Phillippine 20 Peso Note

50 Philippine Peso banknote (50 Peso PHP)
50 PHP Peso Banknote

Phillippine 50 Peso Note

100 Philippine Peso banknote (100 Peso PHP)
100 PHP Peso Banknote

Phillippine 100 Peso Note

200 Philippine Peso banknote (200 Peso PHP)
200 PHP Peso Banknote

Phillippine 200 Peso Note

500 Philippine Peso banknote (500 Peso PHP)
500 PHP Peso Banknote

Phillippine 500 Peso Note

1000 Philippine Peso bank note (1000 Peso PHP)
1000 PHP Peso Banknote

Phillippine 1000 Peso Note

2000 Philippine Peso bank note (2000 Peso PHP)
2000 PHP Peso Banknote

Phillippine 2000 Peso Note


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