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2500 years ago currency was first introduced into Cyprus around 6th century BC. Currency was further developed as the political values of the country changed. Every single ruler of the country all introduced their own monetary unit.

Cyprus has had all the following currencies in circulation – stater, the obol, Roman and Byzantine coins, the gross, the dinar, the cartzi, the para, the piastre and the pound.

The Cypriot pound was first introduced in 1879 and was equal to one British Pound Sterling. It was in 1960 that the official currency became the Cypriot Pound (CY), after the country declared its independence and the Republic of Cyprus was established.

To start with the pound was subdivided into 1000 mils. However, in 1983 a new denomination the cent was introduced to replace the mil and this was divided into 100 cent instead of 1000 mils. Notes were minted in denominations of CYP1, CYP5, CYP10 and CYP20.

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Many of us have enjoyed long lazy days in the sun on holiday in Cyprus. Many of us have also probably got Cypriot Pound notes that we did not manage to spend. And since Cyprus has now changed to the Euro you can’t spend your Cyprus Pounds in the country or exchange them at any banks in the UK. However, we’ll exchange Cyprus Pound notes and Cyprus banknotes for cash.

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1 CYP Cypriot Pound banknotes (1 CYP)
1 CYT Cypriot Pound Banknote

Cypriot £1 Note

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5 CYT Cypriot Pound Banknote

Cypriot £5 Note

10 CYPCypriot Pound banknotes (10 CYP)
10 CYT Cypriot Pound Banknote

Cypriot £10 Note

20 CYP Cypriot Pound banknotes (20 CYP)
20 CYT Cypriot Pound Banknote

Cypriot £20 Note


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