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In the mid 1920’s Ireland decided to separate from the United Kingdom and design its own currency. At this time the Irish Free State also decided to mint their own banknotes. The banknotes were designed by a Belfast born artist called Sir John Lavery. This new Irish currency had its value pegged to UK sterling and was originally known as the ‘Saorstat’, of Free State pound. It wasn’t until 1938 when this new currency became known as the Irish pound. The first set of Irish pound notes were minted and issued on 10 September 1928. Notes were in the denominations of 10/-, £1, £5, £10, £20, £50, and £100. Each of these notes had a portrait of a lady printed on them who was the wife of Sir John. These notes survived decimalisation which took place on 15 February 1971. These Irish banknotes were A series notes and they remained in circulation until 1977 when the new ‘Series B’ notes were introduced. Another set of banknotes was minted in 1976 and these were the final set known as ‘Series C’ notes. These stayed in circulation until the introduction of the Euro. series C notes were minted in £5, £10, £20, £50 and £100 denominations. In short we offer a fast and convenient way to exchange Irish banknotes for cash in an instant!

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Exchange Irish pound banknotes for cash instantly

If you have any leftover Irish pound banknotes from a holiday or business trip you took to Ireland we would like to buy them from you. We offer a simple and secure online method to convert any foreign currency back into cash. As well as Irish pound banknotes we accept and convert all foreign leftover currency. We guarantee the best exchange rates possible and also offer instant payment.

Irish pound notes we exchange

1 Irish Pound banknotes (1 IEP) paper money
£1 Pounds Irish IEP Banknote

Irish £1 Note

5 Irish Pound banknotes (5 IEP) lady Lavery notes
£5 Pounds Irish IEP Banknote

Irish £5 Note

10 Irish Pound banknotes (10 IEP)
£10 Pounds Irish IEP Banknote

Irish £10 Note

20 Irish Pound banknotes (20 IEP)
£1 Pounds Irish IEP Banknote

Irish £20 Note

50 Irish Pound banknotes (50 IEP)
£50 Pounds Irish IEP Banknote

Irish £50 Note

100 Irish Pound banknotes (100 IEP)
£100 Pounds Irish IEP Banknote

Irish £100 Note

10 Irish Shilling banknotes (50p, 1/2 IEP)
10 Shillings Irish IEP Banknote

Irish 10 Shillings


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