Exchange Swedish Kroner Banknotes

Swedish Kroner banknotes

Exchange Swedish Kroner banknotes

The Swedish kroner (SEK) has been the national currency of the country since 1873. The kroner also goes by the name of ‘Swedish crown’. Sweden is only one of the few remaining countries in Europe that still uses its own currency and is the most dominant of currencies amongst other existent kroner currencies. It is the eighth most traded currency in the world market. Banknotes were first minted and circulated in Sweden in 1874. Riksbank introduced the following denominations 1,5, 10, 50, 100 and 1000 kroner. After two years the 1 kroner banknote was withdrawn from circulation. Currently 5 denominations of the kroner are in circulation – 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 kroner. Each note differs in size and colour. A commemorative 100 SEK banknote was minted in 2004 to celebrate the Tumba Bank paper mill’s 250th anniversary. The mill prints all Swedish currency. A new 1000 kroner banknote was issued in 2006 and it was the first note to contain high tech security features. If you want to exchange Swedish Kroner banknotes or coins then please contact us.

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Swedish kroner banknotes we accept

1 Swedish Kroner banknote (1kr SEK)
1 SEK Banknote

Swedish 1 Krona Note

5 Swedish Kroner banknote (5kr SEK)
5 SEK Banknote

Swedish 5 Krona Note

10 Swedish Kroner bank note (10kr SEK)
10 SEK Banknote

Swedish 10 Krona Note

20 Swedish Kroner bank note (20kr SEK)
20 SEK Banknote

Swedish 20 Krona Note

50 Swedish Kroner banknotes (50kr SEK)
50 SEK Banknote

Swedish 50 Krona Note

100 Swedish Kroner banknote (100kr SEK)
100 SEK Banknote

Swedish 100 Krona Note

500 Swedish Kroner banknote (500kr SEK)
500 SEK Banknote

Swedish 500 Krona Note

1000 Swedish Kroner banknote (1000kr SEK)
1000 SEK Banknote

Swedish 1000 Krona Note

10000 Swedish Kroner money bill (10,000kr SEK)
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