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The official currency for Gibraltar is the Gibraltar Pound. In terms of value it is on par with the UK Pound. Prior to 1898 the currency situation in Gibraltar was complicated. The reason was because the country was using three different currencies – British, Spanish and Gibraltarian. In 1898 an act was passed an the legal official currency for Gibraltar was the British Pound. In 1927 Gibraltar started minting their own banknotes.

In 1914 banknotes were minted. Currency in circulation was the 2 and 10 shilling notes, 1, 5 and 50 pound notes but in 1927 the 2 and 50 pound note ceased to exist. In 1971 at the same time Britain decimalised, so did Gibraltar. New minted banknotes included 10 and 20 pound notes. In 1986 the first 50 pound banknotes were minted and issued. New series notes were minted and issued in 1995 and for the first time in Gibraltar history which had the words ‘pounds sterling’ printed on them. Current currency in circulation is 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 pound notes. Here at Cash4Coins we offer a way for you to exchange Gibraltar Pounds for Sterling.

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Gibraltar Pound banknotes we exchange

1 Gibraltar Pound banknote (£1 – 1 GIP)
£1 GIP Banknote

Gibraltar £1 Note

5 Gibraltar Pound banknote (£5 – 5 GIP)
£5 GIP Banknote

Gibraltar £5 Note

10 Gibraltar Pound banknote (£10 – 10 GIP)
£10 GIP Banknote

Gibraltar £10 Note

20 Gibraltar Pound banknote (£20 – 20 GIP)
£20 GIP Banknote

Gibraltar £20 Note

50 Gibraltar Pound banknote (£50 – 50 GIP)
£50 GIP Banknote

Gibraltar £50 Note


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