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Up until 2002 the official currency of Germany was the Deutsche Mark. In 2002 the country’s official currency became the Euro. Since 1958 the Deutsche mark, also known as the ‘German mark’ has been stable. No other major currency including the Japanese yen or Swiss franc has been stronger. The Mark was first minted under Allied occupation in 1948 replacing the Reichsmark. 1 pfennig, 2 pfennig, 5 pfennig and 10 pfennig coins were minted in brass-plated steel. The 50 pfennig, DM 1 and DM 2 were minted in cupro nickel. The DM5 and DM 10 were minted in cupro nickel and silver. The Deutsche Mark is subdivided into units called Pfennig. 100 Pfennig make up one Deutsche Mark.

No bank, building society or bureau de change will exchange Deutsche Mark coins back into usable cash. However, any leftover foreign coins that you may have from your last trip abroad can be converted back into cash using our online simple and secure method.

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German Deutsche Mark coins we exchange

1 pfennig (0.01 Deutsche Mark)
2 pfennig (0.02 Deutsche Mark)
5 pfennig (0.05 Deutsche Mark)
10 pfennig (0.10 Deutsche Mark)
50 pfennig (0.50 Deutsche Mark)
1 Deutsche Mark
2 Deutsche Marks
5 Deutsche Marks
10 Deutsche Marks


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