Exchange Damaged Euro Coins

Exchanging Worn or Damaged  Euro Coins

Euro coins can become severely worn, mutilated, dirty and damaged in a variety of ways.  If the coins have been damaged due to an accident or have simply become worn through being in circulation for a long time they can be exchanged at a Euro-zone central bank. However, these banks will not exchange or reimburse any Euro coins that have been deliberately altered or damaged through a mechanical process. For example, Euro coins that have been damaged by going through a recycling plant will not be accepted by any Euro-zone central bank.

Often, this means that Euro coins that have been damaged in this way have almost no value (apart from their scrap metal content).

However, the good news is that we will often accept bulk damaged Euro coins. Coins are purchased at a bulk rate and are subject to inspection to ensure that all coins are genuine. All transactions are in-line with our MLR procedures to ensure that we comply with HMRC regulations.

If you are looking to exchange bulk damaged Euro coins then please contact our specialist team on + 44 (0)161 635 0000 or contact us at



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