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The best rates in the UK for foreign coin exchange – guaranteed

For airports and airlines, accepting foreign currency is highly-recommended if you want to do good business, so finding an honest and reliable foreign coin exchange service is really important.

Airlines that use our dedicated service benefit from being able to take payment for in-flight sales in any currency – without the hassle of having to deal with sorting and exchanging large amounts of coins.

You probably already know that banks and bureaux de change will not change foreign coins, so accepting them without our help would come at a heavy price. But for our customers, it’s a piece of cake. You accept the coins, we collect them, and offer you the best exchange rates in the UK – guaranteed.

Give something back with a foreign coin collection

Of all the places on earth, aircraft and airports must see some of the highest concentrations of foreign coins at any given time, making them the perfect place to organise a foreign coin collection for a worthy cause.

Collecting for charity is good for business, and need not cost you anything to implement. Customers see that you care, but do all the donating themselves via in-flight donation envelopes for coins – and notes – of any currency.

It’s a great way for homeward-bound customers to put their remaining foreign coins to good use, and to support those less fortunate than themselves. You can choose any charity to benefit from these collections, and with free collection or drop-off, it need not cost you anything to implement.

In fact, we’ll even supply the donation envelopes, as well as strong sealable bags and drop safes for secure storage until we can collect your coins.

We do the leg-work so you don’t have to

Being in business is hard enough without trying to organise charity collections at every turn. That’s why we do all the hard work for you. From providing a range of collection boxes that are specially-designed to appeal to airport customers to making regular collections, working with us means you won’t have to invest significant amounts of time to start collecting.

All of our customers benefit from a the help and advice of a dedicated fund-raising team who are always available by phone or email to answer your questions, or share their wealth of fund-raising experience.

And because we accept all foreign coins, including ones that are no longer in circulation, you can expect nothing less that the very best return on your collection, meaning more money for your chosen cause.

If you’ve never organised a foreign coin collection on your airline or in your airport before, now is the time to try it. They’re incredibly popular, and your customers will thank you for the opportunity to put their holiday change to good use.

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