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Exchanging Euro coins for business…

The best rates for foreign coin exchange in the UK

If you accept foreign coins in your business – either knowingly or inadvertently – you’ll know how difficult it is to exchange them. You can’t take them to a bank or bureau de change because they won’t accept them, so more likely than not, they end up in a bag, drawer or safe somewhere, just waiting for something to happen.

For cafés, bars, restaurants and attractions in popular tourist destinations, this problem can quickly become quite pressing, with no easy way to turn foreign coins into ready cash. From storage to security, having a lot of coins lying around just isn’t a good idea.

After all, cash flow is crucial to the survival of your business, so finding a simple and efficient way to turn foreign coins into cash would be a godsend, right?

Funds in your account in only 2 hours

So what would you say to a fast and hassle-free service that offers not only the best exchange rates in the UK, but can transfer funds to your business account only 2 hours after you accept our exchange offer?

Thanks to our strong customer-rapport and commitment to only the highest quality of service we’re already the first choice for businesses of all sizes looking to change foreign coins.

You only need to take a look at the customer testimonials we regularly receive to know that we’re serious about service. From small independent family businesses to multi-national corporations, we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed or we’ll return your coins at our own expense.

Friendly, knowledgeable and transparent

If you are unsure about what’s involved, or need to speak to someone about exchanging foreign coins, our customer service team is on hand to guide you through our process step-by-step.

Once you send coins to us, your parcel will be tracked, insured, and received in highly-secure conditions for weighing, counting and photographing.

We also offer free collection or drop-off for coin collections over a certain size, allowing you more time and energy to get on with the important business of running your business.

Fund-raising partnerships

If your business is sponsoring a fund-raising campaign for a local cause or charity, we offer a wealth of advice and resources to help make your collection a success. With a dedicated fund-raising team on hand to guide you through the best practices for a foreign coin collection, you’ll be able to give something back to your community – and benefit from the attention that brings.

Why not start a foreign coin collection in your own shop, café or attraction, which you then donate to a worthy cause? You’ll be amazed how much money you can raise.

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