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The official currency of Morocco is the Moroccan dirham (MAD) Morocco’s central bank the Bank Al-Maghrin mints and issues the dirham banknotes. The name “Dirham” comes from the Roman word “Denarius” which was a currency used during the Roman period. Starting 1882 Morocco adopted the Rial as its official currency and the Dirham became its fraction with 1 Rial = 10 dirham. In 1960 the dirham was reintroduced to replace the French franc. The franc was in circulation between 1904 to 1956 and 1 dirham = 100 francs. In 1974 the Centime replaced the franc.

The first notes denominated in dirham were overprints on earlier franc notes, in denominations of 50 dirham (on 5000 francs) and 100 dirham (on 10,000 francs). The 5, 10 and 50 dhiram banknotes were first issued in 1965. In 1970 100 dirham notes were issued. In 1991 the 200 dirham banknote was minted and issued and in 1996 the 20 dhiram note was issued. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Bank Al-Maghrib, the bank issued four million 50 dirham banknotes.

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Moroccan dirham banknotes we exchange

5 Moroccan Dirham banknotes (5 MAD)
5 MAD Banknote

5 Moroccan Dirham Note

10 Moroccan Dirham banknotes (10 MAD)
10 MAD Banknote

10 Moroccan Dirham Note

50 Moroccan Dirham banknotes (50 MAD)
50 MAD Banknote

50 Moroccan Dirham Note

100 Moroccan Dirham banknotes (100 MAD)
100 MAD Banknote

100 Moroccan Dirham Note

200 Moroccan Dirham banknotes (200 MAD)
200 MAD Banknote

200 Moroccan Dirham Note


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