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Have you returned from a trip to Oz only to find that you have lots of leftover Australian coins that you do not need? Don’t hoard them or forget about them. Send them to Cash4Coins – the easy way to exchange leftover currency! We offer an exchange service that is second to none and can exchange all Australian banknotes and coins for cash you can use.

Produced by the Royal Australian Mint, all existing Australian coins show a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Coins are available in the following denominations – 50c, 20c, 10c and 5c coins in silver metal, and for many years there were also bronze 2c and 1c coins in circulation.

Gold coloured one-dollar and two-dollar coins were also introduced in the 80s to replace banknotes of the same value, and are made up of 92% copper, 6% aluminium and 2% nickel.

How we can help you with your leftover Australian coins:

We can convert your Australian coins back into cash
We accept and exchange foreign coins from all countries
We will accept all minted Australian coins, regardless of condition or age
We will always guarantee to give you the best exchange rates that are available to our team that day
We promise speedy and convenient payment
We can also accept commemorative Australian coins
We can also exchange previous series Australian coins


Exchange Australian coins easily and securely

Whether you travel to Australian frequently and have a good collection of leftover Australian coins, or you have just returned from a holiday in Oz and you have a number of coins you would like to exchange, we can help. We offer foreign coin exchange services that are second to none, and that give you fast access to your exchanged cash straight into your bank account. We can also arrange for your exchanged coins to be given to a charity of your choice. By following just a few simple steps, you can exchange Australian coins for cash that you can use any way that you want.

Australian coins that we exchange:

1 Cents (0.01 AUD)
Australian 1 Cent Coin

Australia 1 Cent Coin

2 Cents (0.02 AUD)


5 Cents (0.05 AUD)
10 Cents (0.10 AUD)
20 Cents (0.20 AUD)
50 Cents 0.50 AUD)
$1 Coin
$2 Coin
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