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The official currency of Jersey is the pound. Jersey does not have its own currency, it is in joint union with the United Kingdom. All currency minted and issued are pound sterling denomination. Jersey banknotes can be exchanged like for like with other sterling banknotes. The Jersey pound banknotes use the currency code JEP. Bank of England minted notes are legal tender in Jersey. The first bank to open in Jersey was the Jersey Old Bank.

Hugh Godfrey and Company who were wine merchant opened the bank in 1797. The y began minting £1 banknotes. Low value notes were issued by the bank until 1813. In 1941 the Currency Notes (Jersey) law was amended which allowed further denominations of banknotes to be minted and circulated. Notes issued were the 6 pence, 1, 2 and 10 shillings and 1 pound. In the years that followed higher denomination banknotes were circulated including the £5, £10, £20 and £50 pound. Commemorative £1 banknotes have been issued as well as a £100 pound banknote to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. If you want a fast and easy way to exchange Jersey Pound banknotes then please contact us.

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Jersey banknotes we exchange

1 Jersey Pound banknote (£1 – 1 JEP)
£1 Jersey Pound JEP Banknote

Jersey £1 Note

5 Jersey Pound banknote (£5 – 5 JEP)
£5 Jersey Pound JEP Banknote

Jersey £5 Note

10 Jersey Pound banknote (£10 – 10 JEP)
£10 Jersey Pound JEP Banknote

Jersey £10 Note

20 Jersey Pound banknote (£20 – 20 JEP)
£20 Jersey Pound JEP Banknote

Jersey £20 Note

50 Jersey Pound banknote (£50 – 50 JEP)
£50 Jersey Pound JEP Banknote

Jersey £50 Note

10 shillings bank note Jersey Channel Islands


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