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Austrian Schilling

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The Austrian schilling was first issued in Austria in 1924 and remained in circulation until 1938 and then again 1945 to 1999. By 2002 it was the circulating currency in Austria.

In 1925 the coins in issue were 1 and 2 bronze Groschens and 10 Groschens which were made from nickel. In addition to these coins silver coins were minted in the value of 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500 schilling as well as gold coins with values of 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 schilling. It is virtually impossible to change Austrian Schilling coins or Austrian Groschen coins back into cash. Banks don’t accept them which means your coins could be going to waste.

However, we have now solved this problem and provide you with a simple, fast and easy way exchange your foreign coins from Austria into cash.

We provide a fast, secure and easy way to change Austrian Schillings and Groschen coins into cash.
Banks, building societies and bureau de change will not convert your Austrian coins back to cash.
No matter what age or condition, we will exchange ANY AUS currency.
We even convert limited edition coins including mint sets and commemorative silver and gold coins
We guarantee that our exchange rate will be the best rate available.


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Exchange AUS Schilling and Groschen coins the easy way

If you have just had a holiday of business trip in Austria and have left over coins and currency why not let us help you and change it into cash. We provide a simple and secure fast way of changing leftover Austrian coins back into cash.

All you need to do issend us all your leftover Austrian currency (coins and notes) and we will pay you for them. You will be surprised at how much they are worth and this method of exchanging coins is a fantastic way of boosting your own funds or raising money for your favourite charity. Schools, charities, hospitals and individuals trust us to convert their foreign coins into cash. Check our customer comments and read what these people are saying about us.

We guarantee that we will give you the best exchange rate possible, and if you are not happy with our quote, no problem we will simply return your coins back to you at our own expense. Yes, it really is simple!

Austrian coins that we exchange

Fifty Austrian Schilling (50 Schilling)
Austria 50 Schilling Banknote

Austrian 50 Schilling Note

Twenty Austrian Schilling (20 Schilling)
Austrian Schilling Banknote

Austrian 20 Schilling Note

Ten Austrian Schilling (10 Schilling)
Five Austrian Schilling (5 Schilling)
One Austrian Schilling (1 Schilling)
Fifty Groschen (0.50 Schilling)
Ten Groschen (0.10 Schilling)
Five Groschen (0.05 Schilling)
Two Groschen (0.02 Schilling)
One Groschen (0.01 Schilling)


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