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The British Pound is more commonly known as the pound (or £1) and is the official currency used in the United Kingdom. The sterling pound holds the impressive title of the oldest currency still in use today. The pound is subdivided into 100 pence. It was first minted around 760 during the reign of King Offa of Mercia. Early versions of the penny were minted in fine silver and then gradually changed to sterling silver. During the reign of Henry VIII copper coins were minted in the UK. Jersey and the Channel Islands mint their own local versions of the sterling pound. The Pound is among the highest valued currencies in the world.

British Pound coins are not accepted in banks outside of the UK or in any bureau de change for exchange. By using our quick online service we provide you with a simple way of exchanging your sterling coins into your chosen currency.

We provide a simple, secure and fast way to change British Pound coins into cash.
Your UK sterling coins cannot be exchanged at banks or any bureau de change outside of the UK
All British Pound currency after decimalisation will be exchanged regardless of condition.
Commemorative and minted sets of coins are also accepted.
We will give the best exchange rate available, guaranteed.


Exchange UK Sterling Pounds and British coins the secure way

If you have a jar full of UK coins why not contact us and let us help you. We can convert these leftover British coins back into usable cash. Any unwanted Sterling currency you have (notes and coins) send them to us using our online service. It is simple, fast and secure and we guarantee the best exchange rate. Why not use our service to raise money for your favourite charity. We are trusted by charities, schools and hospitals that use us to convert their leftover British pounds and pence into cash. Read what our customers say about us.

Our rates are guaranteed to be the best available. If you are not happy with the quote we give you then we will return your coins back to you at our own expense. It couldn’t be much simpler.

British coins that we exchange

Two Pound coin (2 British Pounds / £2)
One Pound coin (1 British Pound / £1)
Fifty Pence coin (50 Pence / 50p)
Twenty Pence coin (20 Pence / 20p)
Ten Pence coin (10 Pence / 10p)
Five Pence coin (5 Pence / 5p)
Two Pence coin (2 Pence / 2p)
One Penny coin (1 Penny / 1p)


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