Estonian Kroon Banknote

Estonian Kroon Banknotes

Exchange Estonian Kroon Banknotes

The Estonian kroon (EEK) has twice been the official currency of Estonia. In 2011 the Estonian kroon was in circulation with the Euro until the Euro became the official currency. The Estonian kroon is sub divided into 100 cents. Translated the word kroon means ‘Crown’. Banknotes were minted in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25,100 and 500 kroon in 1992. A 50 kroon banknote was minted and issued in 1994. Denominations of 1 kroon and 50 kroon were only issued once.

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 Estonian Kroon notes we exchange

1 Estonian Kroon banknote (1 EEK)
1 Estonian Kroon EEK Banknote

Estonian 1 Kroon Note

2 Estonian Kroon banknote (2 EEK)
2 Estonian Kroon EEK Banknote

Estonian 2 Kroon Note

5 Estonian Kroon banknote (5 EEK)
5 Estonian Kroon EEK Banknote

Estonian 5 Kroon Note

10 Estonian Kroon banknote (10 EEK)
10 Estonian Kroon EEK Banknote

Estonian 10 Kroon Note

25 Estonian Kroon banknote (25 EEK)
25 Estonian Kroon EEK Banknote

Estonian 25 Kroon Note

50 Estonian Kroon banknote (50 EEK)
50 Estonian Kroon EEK Banknote

Estonian 50 Kroon Note

100 Estonian Kroon banknote (100 EEK)
100 Estonian Kroon EEK Banknote

Estonian 100 Kroon Note

500 Estonian Kroon banknote (500 EEK)
500 Estonian Kroon EEK Banknote

Estonian 500 Kroon Note


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