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Donate your foreign coins and notes to help Brickhill Lower School

Brickhill Lower School is a great place to learn and the dedicated team of staff work hard to making sure that all pupils get the best possible education in and environment that’s engaging, caring, supportive and fun. We want all pupils to reach their full potential and one of the ways to help us achieve this goal is by helping the school in it’s fundraising efforts.

Brickhill Lower School has teamed up with to raise much needed funds for the school. The fundraising activity involves collecting unwanted foreign coins and banknotes and then exchanging them for funds that the school can use. Foreign coins and low denomination banknotes cannot be exchanged at a bank so unless you take them abroad they are worthless.

What can be exchanged?

All foreign coins and notes
Old British and Irish coins and notes
Pre Euro currency
Spare change


How does it work?

The process is very simple. You collect together your old foreign coins, notes, pre-decimal currency, old British and Irish coins and spare change. You may also want to get together with friends and colleagues and collect as a group. Once you’ve collected the unwanted currency you can simply post or take it to the school. If you’d like to send the coins directly to Cash4Coins on behalf of the school then please download the currency form (download here) and enclose with your donation.

Direct to the school: Either post or take your donations to:

Brickhill Lower School

Dove Road,


MK41 7AA

Contact for donation enquiries: Lucy Whitney

Email for donation enquiries:

TEL: 01234 401404.

For more information on collecting foreign currency for charity then see our home page.

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