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Help Castle Hall Academy By Donating Your Foreign Coins and Banknotes

Castle Hall is a successful, exciting and very popular Academy situated in Mirfield in West Yorkshire.  We specialise in Languages and we are very proud to be one of the first schools in the country to be awarded the title of Specialist Language College.

Our staff work hard to deliver valuable and enjoyable language lessons to hundreds of secondary school children every year and we are always developing new and exciting ways to deliver language skills to our students.Like any school, we are always looking for great ways to raise funds for new equipment and resources.

That’s why we have teamed up with Cash4Coins. Raising funds for Castle Hall Academy is so easy when you use the Cash4Coins service.  If you have any unwanted or leftover foreign coins or banknotes, you can exchange them easily into funds that we can use.  Foreign coins or notes of a low denomination cannot be exchanged at the bank, but Cash4Coins can sort and count any coins and convert them into Sterling for us.

What can be exchanged?

There are many coins and notes that can be exchanged.  Why not take a look at the list below and see if you have any coins collecting dust at home?

All foreign coins and notes
Old British and Irish coins and notes
Pre Euro currency
Spare change

How To Donate Your Foreign Currency And Help Our Academy

It really is so easy to donate any foreign coins you may have. Simply collect together pre-decimal currency, old or leftover foreign coins, banknotes, old British and Irish coins or even spare change.  You don’t even need to sort or count it as Cash4Coins will do that for us.  Then, simply post your coins and notes or bring them to the school.  If you are going to post your coins, you can download the currency form and make sure it is enclosed with your donation.

Direct to the school: Either post or take your donations to:

Castle Hall Academy

Specialising in Languages

Richard Thorpe Avenue

Mirfield – West Yorkshire

WF14 9PH

Contact for donation enquiries: Joanne McGovern

Email for donation

TEL: 01924 520500.

For more information about donating foreign coins and notes to schools, please visit our homepage.

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