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Changing Minds With Pick Up A Penny is a is a none profit making organisation (CIC) dedicated to helping children, young people and adults suffering with mental health issues. They are working towards providing a network of centres, the first of their kind, across the country to provide much needed therapies, CPD, training and events for the wider mental health community. These centres objective will be to provide and expand the range of therapies which are not readily available on the NHS. The centres will also help provide clients with new referral routes so people can access the therapy they need quicker. Waiting times will not be as long which means the pressure on the current mental health system across the region will not be as great.

Help them raise funds for their first ever centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Small amounts of money can add up to make a huge difference. While we have support from several North East companies we still have a long way to go to make this project happen.
This campaign is being lead by Sara Young, a UKCP registered Integrative Psychotherapist, EMDR therapist and Neurofeedback therapist.

Changing Minds with Pick Up A Penny is a Community Interest Company (CIC). This is a special form of non-charitable limited company, which exists primarily to benefit a community or with a view to pursuing a social purpose, rather than to make a profit. Changing Minds with Pick up a Penny was set up as a CIC to make sure that it can work the in the best way possible for the whole community.

How to donate…

There are over 30 locations where you can donate for this great charity. The interactive map below shows you exactly where you can drop off your collection of old coins. A number of Barclays Banks collect all leftover foreign coins and notes and old obsolete currency:


What can I donate?

Donating is very easy. On behalf of Changing Minds charity we accept ANY foreign coins and notes AND any old British and Irish coins and notes. All of the following is accepted:

All foreign coins and notes – from any country
All pre-Euro coins and notes
All pre-Euro banknotes
Old British coins and notes
Old Irish coins and notes
All pre-decimal coins
Commemorative coins
Damaged and garbled coins
Bulk mixed foreign coins


Is there currency that you don’t accept?

We accept ALL old coins and notes. However, some can only be exchanged at a nominal or scrap value. The good news is that we do all the sorting and counting and list all items. So please donate everything.

If you’d like any additional information on how we exchange foreign coins and banknotes for charity please click here.



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