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Donate old currency, old useless leftover foreign coins and notes today!

Clock Works Yorkshire is the brand name given to trading activity carried out by independent Thirsk-based charity The Clock.

The Clock has been serving the community in Thirsk and surrounding areas for over 15 years – starting out as a Youth organisation but now also reaching out to families and adults in need of support by delivering training and education, 1:1 support, co-ordinating a food bank and hosting job clubs and drop-in advise session with partners including Housing officers and Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

The Clock launched Clock Works in 2018 with the opening of a Community Re-use Store in Thirsk Market Place, where re-usable donated items of furniture and large household goods are sold to the public at low cost.  In 2019 the range extended to include all leftover coins and bank notes, foreign leftover currency and obsolete currency.

The Clock uses social enterprise (businesses that exist for a social purpose, not for profit) to deliver the following benefits:

  • Generate income to support the delivery of The Clock’s front-line activity while creating enterprise-based opportunities for individuals and the wider community which are not currently available locally.
  • Provide opportunities for local people to volunteer, learn, develop new skills and progress their journey into employment.
  • Act as a conduit between those in need and those who have something to give, delivering a positive emotional and environmental impact, and making sure all of our collective resources are utilised to the maximum benefit of our community.

How to donate…

1. Take your coins and notes to our Community Re-use Store in Thirsk Market Place

It is easy to donate to this great charity. Simply hand in your leftover foreign currency, old coins and bank notes directly to Clock Works located at 61 Market Place in Thirsk (behind White Horse Café), at the Thirsk Community Care office or at The Clock HQ at Church Hall, St James Green, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 1AQ

Check our map for locations:


What can I donate?

Donating is very easy. On behalf of The Clockworks charity we accept ANY foreign coins and notes AND any old British and Irish coins and notes. All of the following is accepted:

All foreign coins and notes – from any country
All pre-Euro coins and notes
All pre-Euro banknotes
Old British coins and notes
Old Irish coins and notes
All pre-decimal coins
Commemorative coins
Damaged and garbled coins
Bulk mixed foreign coins


Is there currency that you don’t accept?

We accept ALL old coins and notes. However, some can only be exchanged at a nominal or scrap value. The good news is that we do all the sorting and counting and list all items. So please donate everything.

If you’d like any additional information on how we exchange foreign coins and banknotes for charity please click here.


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