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Customer Comments Archive 2012

Customer Comments Archive 2012

Here are a selection of our customer comments that we received in 2012. For the latest customer comments please take a look here.


Thank you for your efficient service. It was a considerable advantage to have the consignment collected by your carrier, instead of having to organize this separately and probably at greater cost.

Mark C 30th May 2012

End of the month, just need that little extra to tie you over? Raid that box with all you unwanted foreign coins and make lemonade out of lemons. Cash 4 Coins is so simple, neat and easy. It’s amazing.

GP 27th May 2012

Many thanks for your kind, courteous and efficient help yesterday. I can’t believe the money was in my account only 2 hours after acceptance. What a superb service which I will recommend to all my family and friends. Please feel free to use this comment on your website as a testimony

Margaret Kirkham 27th May 2012

Thank you for your fast and efficient service. I was pleasantly surprised at how much money I made from old foreign coins I had lying around! Will definitely recommend this service to others!

Nicola 23rd May 2012

I used Cash for Coins to get rid of a lot of old coins I’d gathered in work. The service was very good and to be honest I got more money than I thought I would. It was a very easy transaction.

Sheree G 21st May 2012

Really pleased with the great service and speed of sending the money and receiving the payment. Thanks!

Rachael – Community Fundraising Manager 21st May 2012

Really easy to follow simple steps on cashing in my old coins and notes with choice of payment method or to charity. So glad I found your site and really pleased to make some money out of old coins and notes that were just taking up space in drawers and jars. Really helpful and friendly and always answered my questions and I will most definitely tell others about your service as so many people have foreign coins from holidays losing value when they can be changed up or given to charity for much better use. Makes perfect sense. Thank you very much.

Linda Whitaker, Herts 21st May 2012

Thanks for your help – I am extremely pleased with the customer service received from Cash 4 Coins and will be using the service again.

Charlotte 21st may 2012

We all collect coins from various trips we have been on, and save them in the hope that we will return…until we have jars or piggy banks full of them. I decided to cash all mine in. I phoned Cash 4 Coins to be sure I had all the details correct and was treated to a rarity in todays technology….a voice, a real voice and a very helpful one at that. I later had to send an email and received a personalised reply to my questions. Well done Cash 4 Coins, you have given a great service from beginning to end. I’ll start saving all my foreign coins again!! Keep up the good work.

Deborah Bacon 19th May 2012

Thank you! – Dealing with Cash4 coins has been a pleasant experience: they have done what they said they would do and converted my old jar of coins and notes into £100 for me! I will be recommending this to all my colleagues and may do a large collection for charity. A great service

Kate 18th May 2012

Many thanks for the cheque you sent to me following the sale of the various coins and banknotes I sent to you. I would just like to say how very efficient the C4C service operates. My opinion is that you were very helpful with your advice, obviously experienced and professional, your service was prompt, and within the terms agreed. Well done, I would use your service again and recommend C4C to others, in fact I already have!

Alan J Sturges 16th May 2012

I am delighted with the speed and efficiency with which you dealt with my cash, also for the receipt for the donation.

HM 15th May 2012

Excellent and most efficient service and the process was exactly as stated on C4C website. The guidance and advice from C4C was most helpful and the settlement was exactly as expected. I am looking forward to the next transaction and hope to become a regular seller.

Anthony Stocker 9th May 2012

I have to say that I could not have been more impressed by the service Cash4Coins has given. My queries have been answered speedily by email; the coins were collected from a very convenient location nearby and were dispatched free of charge; we received a very satisfactory offer for the coins, payment for which was soon sent to our bank. The congregation of our church were very happy with the amount that had been raised by the collection of their old unwanted coins. Now they are eager to carry on the ‘treasure hunt’ ! Best of all – your latest email has shown me a way in which we may be able to raise even more funds through Gift Aid.

Mrs M. Kitney 8th May 2012

Thank you so much for your quick and efficient service. A friend had recommended your service to us saying how honest he felt you had been with him and we can only say the same. We appreciated the free collection from our local shop (keeping business local), your swift and totally honest service. How refreshing to find such a business right now. We shall be recommending you to our charity connections.

Gill Heath 5th May 2012

I’m given mixed foreign coins for a charity whom I support. The Cash4Coins service makes it all so easy – I didn’t even have to sort the coins! I am so happy with the service you provide – thank you very much!

Kim Spicer 4th May 2012

Thank you for arranging the donation on our behalf and for your attention to both our application for valuation, and once a decision was made, ensuring the donation was arranged without undue delay. I would recommend anyone to Cash 4 Coins without any hesitation due to the speed at which you respond, keep updated with the reason when their is a delay in the valuation and very pleased to receive a full explanation as to how you have achieved the final valuation figure, supplying full details as to the reason why some coins have no value. Many thanks for your expertise and appreciate your time.

Caroline McDowell 1st May 2012

In my personnel opinion I think C4C is the only company I found to accept a mixture of currencies whether notes or coins, not only that I have sent a lot of notes that were worth next to nothing and I got a very decent offer which I was very happy with. Finally, a very good communication from their team and I like the way they do the follow up…

H Alzifite 30th April 2012

Thank you very much for your payment. This was a excellent service which was very easy to use. Communication was prompt and I will be recommending the service to my friends.

Rachael Whiteside 24th April 2012

Payment received. Many thanks. You certainly offer a flexible way to cash in left over foreign currency. I particularly like the fact that you will take the small notes & coins that banks etc won’t touch.

Jim 18th April 2012

I would like to thank you for the service you provided in collecting the foreign coins and would highly recommend this to anyone else wishing to make old coins useful.

Ruth Tyrer-Tomkinson 18th April 2012

Received cheque today with thanks. This is first time I used your service and I was very impressed by the help and ease of use everything happened as you said it would from the collection of package to final outcome – If need be I certainly would use and recommend your company.

Ellen Grant 17th April 2012

Many thanks, your service is very efficient, quick and reliable. I will certainly recommend it to friends, family and colleagues.

ML 12th April 2012

Cash 4 Coins made everything really easy – all I had to do was package the old coins and walk them to the collection point, the rest was up to them. Very pleased with the service.

Lesley A-H 31st March 2012

An excellent, efficient service. My questions were answered promptly, regardless of day and time, and I was given helpful information, which enabled me to use the cash 4 coins service. I would definitely recommend this website as nothing was too much trouble. Superb customer service.

Lesley 30th March 2012

I was extremely pleased with the service you provided. It was hassle free and so easy – I will certainly recommend it to my friends.

J Corbett 29th March 2012

I have been very pleased with the service I have received, it has been quick and hassle free and I would definitely recommend you. Thanks again.

Sue Gillett – Affiliate Accountant – Amway UK Ltd 27th March

Thank you so much for the great service, we have set up an in-school counseling service (Allyance) and a local business gave us a lot of left over currency to exchange. Cash4coins have been excellent very quick responses to all our questions, very friendly helpful and most of all we got paid. Can’t recommend the service enough.

Ann Jones – Allyance coordinator 27th March

Collection first class, valuation first class, payment first class!

Pete J 26th March 2012

I was very pleased with the cash 4 coins services. I could enquiry by email and get very quick response and also very helpful. You offered free collection for packages over a certain weight and it is very convenient for us.

Hazel L, Finance Officer – ChildHope UK 21st March 2012

I’m very happy that I could cash my old money which nobody wanted to exchange any more. Very good service cash 4 coins.

Robert 28th February 2012

I wanted to let you know what a tremendous service we have experienced from you. Your company was such a discovery some 12 months or so ago for us and makes the disposal of all unwanted coins so simple, and of course, with good financial results. We are in the midst of raising about £500,000 for much needed repairs to our church and your service is proving to be another way of helping that fund.

David Mortlock – Reading Central Salvation Army 25th February 2012

I am delighted with the swift and professional service from your company. I received clear advice and the selling service proved to be straightforward and efficient.

Julia 23rd February 2012

Efficient, helpful staff, easy to use service –even down to the photos of the damaged parcel!!

Dorothy 22nd February 2012

I have nothing bad to say about cash 4 coins. It was great to be able to drop the parcel at a local collection point and I was happy with the postage cost. Communication was good and I like being sent a scan of coins that could not be exchanged and I was happy with the payment which was quick and hassle free.

Ian W 20th February 2012

I am delighted with the service received from cash 4 coins. The time taken to talk me through what you could do when I phoned was very helpful and the service from collection of the left over currency package to receipt of the money was second to none. I would not hesitate to recommend your services.

Stephen J 20th February 2012

I really am very pleased with the result. Coins hanging around the house for years and never to be used again, it’s a marvellous and efficient way to turn them into useful currency. Thank you.

Carol C 16th February 2012

Great service. I have been really impressed with C4C and once I have built up more foreign coins that I no longer need I will for sure use your quick and efficient service again. Thank you.

Abbie H 15th February 2012

I am very pleased with the service that you gave and the excellent contact you had with me a very well run and efficient company that i will recommend to others.

Caroline Webb 13th February 2012

I am delighted with the service offered by cash4coins. Your response was very speedy and your advice on how to raise funds for charity was most welcome.

Deirdre McVean – Guide Dogs for the Blind 11th February 2012

I was very impressed with C4C – it was very easy to use with very fast responses and payment. It was great to turn a tin of old holiday coins into sterling with such ease . The drop off point was also easy to use and cheaper than royal mail for 1.2kg. Thanks C4C. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service

Helen D 10th February 2012

This is a novel way of clearing cupboards — especially in a country like Luxembourg, where the surrounding countries’ old left over currency quickly accumulated in the past — and at the same time doing a bit of good by donating the revenue to a chosen charity. You were particularly helpful in identifying the nearest courier for hassle-free collection of the currency. In our case it was a 10-minute walk to the local filling station. And you were quick in notifying us of the result. Many thanks again!

Edward Seymour 7th February 2012

Cash 4 Coins were very personal in their approach to exchange our coins into money, especially when they donated our cheque to a charity not listed on their website. Thank you.

Nevis Range Ltd 7th February 2012

Thank you for your email. I wish to accept your offer of £XX.XX in respect of the foreign currency which I sent to you. This is going towards a Name a Guide Dog Puppy which a member of our branch is raising money for. I hope to be given more foreign currency and would be more than happy to do business with you again.

D McV 6th February 2012

I just wish to advise you that the cheque arrived safely this morning. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the quite excellent customer service. The free collection, detailed quotation and super swift payment were all first class and I would have no hesitation in recommending your firm to friends and acquaintances.

R Toogood 4th February 2012

I would like to thank cash4coins for the prompt service which you gave me when I sent you my coins and the quick reply, thank you very much. I would certainly recommend you to anybody.

AW 31st January 2012

We as a small Charity are very pleased with swift & hassle free service you provide. Over the years we had collected a lot of foreign coins not knowing what to do with them.Then someone suggested we get in touch with you. It was a god send.

DV 31st January 2012

Cash4Coins is a genius idea. No one else would convert my Danish kroner coins into £s. Now instead of a bag of useless currency languishing in a drawer I now have the best part of a tenner sat in my Paypal account. Thank you Cash4Coins.

Mary Murtagh 28th January 2012

Just wanted to let you know that I received the cash today. Again, I can not thank you enough. This program is terrific.

J Davidson 27th January 2012

I was extremely pleased with the C4C service provided and the quick and efficient manner in which my transaction was handled. The money converted will go to a very deserving charity.

Christine 23rd January 2012

Thank you for the settlement cheque. I very much appreciate the prompt & informative answers you have given to all my questions. These enabled me to easily send a parcel of coins to you free of charge, which was quickly dealt with and culminating in an acceptable payment to me.

Peter S Sherley 23rd January 2012

As my husband travels a lot for work I was pleased to find an easy solution to convert all our foreign change to cash. The service was excellent and exceeded my expectations, I wish I’d known about cash 4 coins earlier.

Amy L 23rd January 2012

I would like to express my satisfaction with your service. The detailed shipping directions were excellent and trouble-free.The valuation for the left over currency was fair and the explanation as to how it was calculated most helpful. I would certainly recommend you.

John McGill – Dumfries, Scotland 21st January 2012

Sitting in a drawer gathering dust A collection of coins from around the world. I should exchange these, but who can I trust The people from C4C, I’ll give them a whirl. Clear instructions and a label for post From these coins I’ll make the most. A short time later an email was sent Telling me how much money my coins meant. It couldn’t be easier to use C4C. Give them a go, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Lee C 21st january 2012

Everything was great and very professional. Perhaps took a bit longer to get the coins counted that I thought when I first googled the service but you managed my expectations on this very well right from the start. I’m just pleased to have a sensible payment for a load of old coins that were lying around gathering dust. Thanks for a good service.

Sam H 21st January 2012

Many thanks for the e-mail confirming that the NSPCC has received the donation. Your organisation is certainly very efficient and well run.

Mrs Christine Wright 5th January 2012

Thank you for dealing with my payment so quickly. I couldn’t have asked for better service, very quick and all my questions answered by return e-mail.

M Vincent – Spain 3rd January 2012

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