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Donate Old Currency to Dementia UK via Central England Co-op

Help Dementia UK By Donating all Old Currency, Pre-Decimal Currency and Leftover Foreign Coins and Banknotes.

Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support for families through its Admiral Nurse service. When things get challenging or difficult for people with dementia and their families, Admiral Nurses work alongside them. They give the one-to-one support, guidance and practical solutions people need, and that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Admiral Nurses are continually trained, developed and supported by Dementia UK. Families that have support from an Admiral Nurse have someone truly expert and caring by their side – helping them to live more positively with dementia in the present, and to face the challenges of tomorrow with more confidence and less fear.

We believe that everyone who needs the support of a dementia specialist nurse should get one, and we’re working hard to increase the number of Admiral Nurses across the UK.

You can help raise funds for this great charity. To donate any old currency you may have lying around, you simply need to go to your nearest Central England Co-operative travel shop where you will see Cash4Coins Collection Tubes located.  Just place all currency in these tubes and help raise much-needed funds. You can find out more about the charity partnership between Central England Co-op and Dementia UK at

The map below shows all active locations where you can make a donation of all currency you no longer use.

The Coins and Notes You Can Donate

All foreign coins and notes
All old British and Irish coins and notes
Any spare change
All pre-Euro currencies


Ways To Donate Old Currency – It’s So Easy!  

We really want to make it as easy as possible for you to make a donation to this amazing charity. That is why we have made it possible for all donations to be taken to any of the donation points shown on the map below.


Just take all currency you wish to donate and drop it off at any of the Central England Co-operative travel shop locations above. Each location has a donation box for you to drop in your currency. You don’t even need to sort or count your coins as we will do all that for the charity.

You can also start your own collection for Dementia UK. Simply contact and they will be delighted to send free leaflets, posters and collection buckets to ensure your collection is a huge success.

Send your coins to us now

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