Fast Foreign Coin and Note Processing

Looking for a way to exchange your foreign and UK coins and notes?

If you have been left without a way to exchange your leftover foreign currency you could lose out on valuable fundraising revenue.

If you are now looking for new arrangements to exchange foreign coins and banknotes then we’d be happy to help you. We are specialists in the exchange of bulk foreign coins and banknotes. We also process bulk UK coins, typically collected through fundraising. – Contact us today.

Here at Cash 4 Coins we are trusted by organisations such as The Home Office, British Transport Police, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Boots Plc, NHS Trusts, MacMillan, British Red Cross, Oxfam and HSBC Bank to securely and quickly exchange foreign coins and banknotes. This means we can turn those old foreign coins and banknotes into a valuable funding stream in just a few simple steps.

What’s more we offer free collection and sorting, counting and payment within 21 days or less. This is why banks, charities, hospitals, schools, retailers and individuals rely on our fast, reliable and efficient service to leverage valuable revenue that’s vital for their operations.

How we can help you:

We exchange ALL foreign coins and banknotes
We collect and process all UK coins
We exchange old British and Irish coins and notes
Sorting, counting and payment within 21 days or less
We offer FREE secure collection
We provide FREE advice and resources to help you raise money
We are trusted by major UK brands and charities


Contact our friendly team today to see how we can help you on 0161 635 0000 or e-mail


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