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Friends Of Cantref PTA Need Your Foreign Coin Donations

Friends of Cantref Association is a volunteer organisation formed of parents, carers, teachers and grandparents. We work hard to enrich the experience of our existing and future pupils by helping to supply general support and extra activities to the school wherever we possibly can.

We run various fundraising activities during the year and we are always looking for ways that we can raise money for the school.  It’s one of the reasons we decided to team up with Cash4Coins. Their foreign coin and banknote exchange service seems like such a great way for us to raise the much needed funds we need across the school year and beyond.

How Your Unwanted Coins Could Make A Difference

Have you any spare foreign coins at home?  Thanks to the coin exchange service provided by Cash4Coins, we can make use of any currency whether it is legal tender or not.  The great thing is you don’t even need to sort or count them!  The lovely people at Cash4Coins will do this for us.

 What Coins And Banknotes Are Accepted?

All foreign coins and notes
Old British and Irish coins and notes
Pre Euro currency
Spare change

Two Ways To Help Us Through Our Foreign Coin Donations

It really couldn’t be easier to donate your foreign coins to Friends of Cantref PTA.  Remember, we can accept any currency, any pre-decimal currency, leftover coins from your holiday, old British and Irish coins and much more. You can choose to post your coins and notes direct to Cash4Coins or you can drop them in at our school. If you are going to post your coins, please download and print our currency form and enclose it along with your donation.  This is very important or else we won’t receive the money.  These coin donations could make such a difference and we will keep you updated with our latest totals so that you can see what a difference you are making.


Direct to the school: Either post or take your donations to:

Friends of Cantref PTA

C/o Cantref Primary School

Harold Road



Contact for donation enquiries: School Office

Email for donation

TEL: 01873 854 697

It’s never been easier to donate your foreign coins and banknotes and you could make such a difference to your charity.  Find out more about our coin exchange service on our homepage.

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